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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera Council ordered to pay in Ca ses Castellones case

Formentera Council ordered to pay in Ca ses Castellones case

June 17, 2016, the third bench of the administrative court of Palma de Mallorca ruled on a suit brought February 4, 2010 by the Plaça de Sant Ferran company against the Formentera Council. In a qualified ruling, the court set the Council's fine at €1,549,482 plus accrued legal interests.

Alleging damages caused by the cancelation of the works contract, as well as the cost of returning the site to pre-construction conditions, lost earnings and other economic losses, the plaintiff had asked for €5,146,582. The judge overruled the claims based on lost profits and defamation.

Authorisation to demolish the original Ca ses Castellones home in Sant Ferran and the permits to develop commercial spaces on the property were granted April 27, 2005 by the now-defunct Formentera Town Council, or Ajuntament de Formentera, under a coalition government formed by the Partido Popular (PP), Grup Independent de Formentera (GUIF) and Partit Renovador (PREF). 


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