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Areas Social action Social Welfare Formentera asks Govern to retool regional employment programme

Formentera asks Govern to retool regional employment programme

foto trobada consell eivissaVanessa Parellada, head of the CiF Office of Social Welfare, attended a presentation on generating employment opportunities that was hosted by the Govern Balear's labour minister, Iago Negueruela, today at the Eivissa Council. The event, which was also organised by the director general of the regional employment bureau, Pere Torrens, and Eivissa's labour councillor Viviana de Sans.

The Palma government officials explained the plan stood to create work for some 182 jobless individuals in the Pitiüsa islands via programmes at the town and island council level. Estimates put new jobs created on Formentera at roughly 28, with potential investment on the island reaching 86,000 euros.

The CiF social welfare councillor urged the Govern reps to ensure those plans are in tune with the local situation on Formentera, so that “they benefit unemployed Formentera residents too”. Parellada pointed out that the Formentera labour force is different to those of the other Balearic Islands and asked consideration be given to each island's idiosyncrasies. She suggested that job programmes be scheduled for winter, or that projects that exceed six months be split into two phases “given the seasonal nature of Formentera's job force”.

Under the programme proposed by the Govern there would be three possible employment schemes, one, for unemployed individuals under 29, offering training for positions at local corporations. Another programme proposes separate training and hiring measures for people over 30. Lastly, Visibles is aimed at benefit-strapped residents that are over 45 and have got dependants to their name.




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