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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera Council thanks associations, experts and volunteers for tackling s'Espalmador blaze

Formentera Council thanks associations, experts and volunteers for tackling s'Espalmador blaze

visita4 pequeVisiting s'Espalmador island this morning, where workers were still working to put out a blaze that began last night, CiF president Jaume Ferrer thanked Council firefighters, Formentera and Eivissa crews of the Balearic Island's ecology bureau (Ibanat), firefighters called in from Mallorca, staff of the nearby marine reserve, coast guard rescue crews, the Guardia Civil, Formentera's civil protection crews and its local police force for their work controlling the wildfire. Recognising myriad efforts (“both with logistics and helping people reach the flames”), Ferrer expressed gratitude to crews that helped watercraft anchor, Formentera-based inspection workers and “residents like Sergi Gómez who pitched in too”.

Ferrer traveled to s'Espalmador with the CiF president's office councillor, Bartomeu Escandell, and environment councillor Daisee Aguilera. Stepping off the boat, they met and thanked two members of the Formentera Ibanat crew who prepared to make the same journey in reverse. The three officials thanked CiF firefighters as well; as the local fire brigade packed up its own equipment and prepared to send it back home, aerial crews led the final firefighting work from above.

On the shore, the chief brigadier explained to officials that, excepting the still-present risk of renewed flames posed by hot ashes, the blaze had been brought under control. An Ibanat helicopter continued its task of dumping water from above while one of the bureau's two water pumps was used to extract water from the sea and wet the burned land.

“A relief”
Prepared for the worst by a feed of “often terrifying” images that continued through the night, and aware of the difficult conditions that work crews on s'Espalmador faced, the president described his initial impression of the site as “a relief,” calling the situation on the ground “better than feared”. “Now it's time,” he said, “to finish putting out the flames and give thanks for the work of our associations and firefighting teams.” According to Ferrer, “the CiF has for years requested the Govern's help dealing with the pressure that our island, and the Ses Salines park in particular, face.” That pressure, he asserted, was “unreasonable” and he said the blaze was proof “changes must occur, and fast”. Ferrer also congratulated officials on their speedy apprehension of the individual responsible for causing the fire.

Fire at 10.40pm
The Formentera Council fire brigade received notification of the fire at 10.50pm. At 11.40pm firefighting crews were working to tackle the flames, which were declared “stable” at 2.25am and “controlled” at 7.45am.


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