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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Formentera to put funds from tourist-use rentals towards improvements in Es Pujols and Es Ca Marí

Formentera to put funds from tourist-use rentals towards improvements in Es Pujols and Es Ca Marí

platja es pujols premsaToday Formentera's committee on matters related to tourism, la Comissió Turística, held an extraordinary session to report on money collected through tourist-rental certifications. In the last two years, €833,168 has been collected as payments for 1,150 tourist rental permits on a total ultimately projected to reach €2,054,819. As payments are often made in instalments the total sum has yet to be received in full.

The committee green-lighted a proposal to funnel the collected money into Es Pujols improvementprojects like sanitation and other activities in the town's centre. In the words of tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer, some of the actions will be aimed at diversification away from seasonal tourism. Plans are also under way to draft a sanitation and improvements plan in Es Ca Marí.

According to Ferrer, 181 spots for tourist accommodation can still be obtained, either to legalise heretofore illegal rentals or for new dwellings. The committee's membership includes stakeholders in civil society, members of the business community, political parties with CiF plenary representation and the CCOO and UGT trade unions. Part of the committee's mission is to decide on the investments that will be made in areas such as seasonal diversification, development and promotion of tourist activities, urban improvements and training opportunities.



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