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Es Ca Marí desalination plant to boost production capacity

visita planta dessalinitzadoraEnvironment councillor Daisee Aguilera, accompanied by the Govern's director general of water resources, Juana María Garau, and the director of Abaqua, Antoni Garcias, paid a visit to the Es Ca Marí desalination plant to observe the progress of works currently under way there.

María described the current project as one of “expansion and improvements” at the plant that, until recently, supported two production lines and boasted a production capacity of 1,000 cubic metres of water per day. Following the changes the plant will have two additional lines with a daily capacity of 2,500 m³ each. The plant is also equipped with an additional line, able to produce 2,000 m³ per day, which will be overhauled and reserved for emergencies.

The revamped plant's production —5,000 m³ from the two new lines plus 2,000 m³ from the existing line— stands against a peak summer demand of 4,000 m³ per day. According to Councillor Aguilera, it is hoped the overhaul will furnish a margin large enough to cover population growth and potential breakdowns. She gave thanks to the other visitors for joining her in the task of evaluating the remodel work.

The project, priced at €1,600,000 (without VAT) and slated for completion in March, includes plans for a new well, energy upgrades, improved salt water extraction and filter replacements.


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