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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Work under way at can Ramon

Work under way at can Ramon

inici actuacions can ramon fotoThe Formentera Council has started work on the plot of land called “can Ramon” in order to verify the existent construction and surrounding land are in line with requirements. Patrimony councillor Susana Labrador said that the outside agency Tragsa had been tasked with clearing the land of overgrowth and rubbish, cleaning the building inside and out, overseeing structural preparations and cordoning off the site, a €29,990.82 effort that should allow for safe access to the site and ensure subsequent studies could be carried out effectively.

Future ethnographic museum
The councillor recalled how can Ramon —and the house and historical well included on the property— was acquired by the Formentera Council on the premise that the restored building be used to house “Formentera's store of public and privately-held museographic collections on ethnography”.

Figuring on Formentera's catalogue of cultural heritage sites, can Ramon is given protection level C. It is a traditional rural home, albeit with larger than normal dimensions, where the scale of farming and livestock operations could almost be classified as industrial. The current catalogue details that can Ramon's operators even made wine on site. The adjacent well is also catalogued for its traditional architecture and possesses protection level A.

Precise chronological records for the house have yet to be defined. More modern estimates put its construction in the mid to late 1800s, though certain features of the property could come from the eighteenth century.

Turning to Universitat Politècnica de València and an archaeological specialist, the Formentera Island Council has today commissioned studies to obtain a more complete understanding of the building's current condition, including imperfections, past structural changes and general history. According to Councillor Labrador, such crucial information will give restoration crews a basis from which to direct their efforts.

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