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Water and environment agency hands over parcel to Formentera Council

Foto sa tanca dalla dins1The Formentera Council and the governing body of regional agency for water and environment, Abaqua, have signed off on a plan to give the Council use rights of a swath of land known alternately as sa tanca d'Allà Dins and Ca'n Pep Lluqui des Cap de Barbaria.

The Council requested use of the land as part of an effort to reduce summertime crowds and traffic jams, a situation that had prompted both environmental impact and issues affecting safety and public order.

The administration has pledged to develop measures to safeguard the area's environmental, landscape, heritage and tourism resources. The first such protections—defining a parking area and restricting vehicle access to the cape, for example—have already been introduced.

In 2005, Abaqua purchased the 318-hectare plot for €2.9 million to preserve the natural surroundings by focusing on protections for the land's quality and uniqueness. At present the agency neither conducts maintenance on the land nor enlists employees to otherwise make use of it.

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