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Areas General Services Presidency Council extends partnership with hometown NGO

Council extends partnership with hometown NGO

img 1436-1-Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer sat down today with the head of the NGO Formenterers Solidaris, Maria Costa, to sign a €3,000 deal to support development cooperation in developing regions of the world and educational initiatives on the island in 2018.

The humanitarian group (formenterer is the Catalan term for a Formentera native; solidari roughly translates as “charitable”) is a non-profit built around outreach and social development initiatives in support of segments of society which have been dealt an uneven hand due to factors like income, age, sex or legal situation.

The Formentera Council and Formenterers Solidaris share a set of common causes, which, together with the administration's economic contribution, are enshrined in the present collaborative agreement. The assistance will cover:
-Creation and management of cooperation and development projects in developing countries.
-Organisation of talks, round tables, forums, exhibitions and conferences.
-Expenditures on equipment and materials for day-to-day operations.
-Fundraising drives and collections for underprivileged regions of the world.
-Administration of food donations from the Formentera Council.
-Initiatives in support of socially disadvantaged groups on the island.

Also on hand at the morning ceremony were social welfare chief Vanessa Parellada and Teresa Costa, secretary of Formenterers Solidaris.


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