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Social emergency phone

Social Emergency telephone

Social Emergency telephone: 630 083 042

It is a service that offers permanenet social attention, attending social situations of urgency and emergency in the island of Formentera during 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Intended to give immediate attention to social emergencies after hours of coverage of Social Services.

It is aimed at victims of male violence and/or domestic violence and other particularly vulnerable groups (elderly, children, etc..), by providing them with the specific resources needed and to supplement police operations.

It provides an immediate response, through the assistance and support from the outset. Offers a specific approach and docketed in situations of male violence, child neglect and emergencies in the elderly, homeless and immigrants.

It provides information, advice and guidance on resources or services and the network of basic and specialized social services, where the person served can get treatment and continue his recovery.

Social Emergency Phone: 630 083 042




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