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Areas Social action Youth With preventive measures in place, Casal de Joves resumes regular hours

With preventive measures in place, Casal de Joves resumes regular hours

The Formentera Department of Youth announces that the Casal de Joves, a youth drop-in centre located in Centre Social es Molí, will reopen tomorrow, welcoming back local youngsters Tuesday through Saturday from 4.00pm to 10.00pm. Building capacity and special Covid-19 hygiene protocol will observed, with masks required any time social distancing measures cannot be followed.

Casal de Joves employees will remind visitors of safety protocol in place, taking care to disperse groups and staggering entry to the centre. No more than ten individuals will be allowed in the centre at a time, including an on-site counselor or the centre’s director, and, as in the past, a visitation register will be kept. Casal staff expect to be able to periodically host in-person workshops, with an ongoing programme of online activities on the “Casal Viral”. The centre has also been equipped with an isolation space where necessary healthcare protocol can be followed in the event a visitor shows symptoms.

Youth consellera Vanessa Parellada delighted in the opportunity to welcome young people back to the Casal, which serves as not just a meeting point for a great deal of Formentera youth, but also a place to hang out and share experiences with, and to learn mutually from, Casal staff and other young people. “Confinement was particularly tough on children and adolescents alike”, said Parellada, “and it’s crucial they re-establish a certain normality in their lives and social relations as we move through lockdown de-escalation”.

The Casal goes viral
As far as a bright side to confinement is concerned, the consellera and department staff pointed to the fact that the Casal was able to stay connected with island youth across social media accounts. Said Parellada, “Now, considering the warm response received, those channels will stay active and be further developed through online workshops—one new feature which actually succeeded in getting parents into the Casal, as the chaperones of their daughters and sons.”

15 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera


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