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Areas Social action Patrimoni Consell tenders out creation of Formentera’s first catalogue of roads

Consell tenders out creation of Formentera’s first catalogue of roads

foto 2020 cataleg de caminsThe Formentera heritage office reports that bidding has opened for the contract to complete a registry of island roads. Local decision makers voted in plenary in January to prioritise preparation of a catalogue covering some three hundred local roads as part of Formentera’s Pla Insular de Gestió del Patrimoni Cultural (Cultural Heritage Management Plan) for 2020 and 2021. The contract is valued at €170,000 (VAT not included) and the selected firm will have three years to produce the catalogue.

Patrimony consellera Raquel Guasch said the call for bids was “an important step in the creation of the first catalogue of island roads—essential to understanding local history”. “The finished product will contain both technical descriptions of local roads and insight into anthropological, cultural and heritage aspects to enhance the strength and value of the catalogue. According to the terms of the invitation to tender, the enterprise must be piloted by a five-person interdisciplinary team including a cultural anthropologist, two historians, a topographer and a legal expert.

Guasch said limited human resources were to blame when an earlier agreement between local government and Obra Cultural Balear failed to take wing in 2012. Information collected at that time about the location, description and historical interest of roads in Porto-salè, La Miranda, Cala Saona and Es Cap de Barbaria will be incorporated into the present undertaking, the consellera said.

In addition to descriptive insight and valuations related to sites’ appeal as monuments of heritage, the document will look at other aspects such as ownership and legal claims. Guasch insisted the endeavour would be both time- and labour-intensive, and impossible for the Consell to undertake with internal resources.

Work will require review of documental archives, creation of a database and web-based viewing programme and drafting of archival reports, not to mention interviewing local residents and building an individualised file index.

6 July 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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