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Museums Església de Sant Francesc

Església de Sant Francesc Xavier

The first stone of the Sant Francesc Xavier church was laid on 15 May 1726. Islanders' collaboration in the endeavour was pivotal, not least because it provided materials and manpower. Consecrated twelve years later, the building was a vicarage until 1785, when it became, together with most of the churches on Eivissa, a parish.

The building clearly served a defensive function: extremely thick walls, absence of openings at lower segments, barrel vault ceiling with rector's quarters overhead. One standout feature is the system of defence at the door, complete with iron-cladding and protection afforded by an embrasure.

The baptismal font holds watch inside, wrought in stone with carvings in low relief—an indication that the structure is in fact older, and perhaps the repurposed capital of a column. The choir rail is original and bears an engraving of the year it was built: 1737.

Classed in 1996 as a historical site with noted cultural interest.

How to get there:
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc (mapa)

Free admission

Església de Sant Francesc Xavier Església de Sant Francesc Xavier Església de Sant Francesc Xavier