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Heritage signs posted at monuments and along running trail

foto 2020 senyal rutes 3The Formentera Department of Tourism reports that Es Campament, three wells (Pou Marès, Pou de ses Illetes and Pou des Verro), archaeological dig sites (Cap de Barbaria I and II, Ca na Costa and Can Blai), the churches in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and La Mola, Sa Tanca Vella chapel, the old La Mola windmill and Es Pi des Català defense tower are among the local monuments and heritage sites to be equipped with informational displays.

Partially funded by the island’s Strategic Tourism Sectors via the Sustainable Tourism Levy (ITS), the project required an investment of €10,304 (sixty per cent from the Govern and forty per cent from the Consell de Formentera). The signs are in Catalan, Spanish and English and are geared towards, in the words of tourism marketing chief Carlos Bernús, “creating new experiences in nature, heritage, culture and sport for tourists, though islanders can enjoy them too”.

Fitness trail
Signs additionally demarcate a new running trail —Route One— on Camí des Brolls, including informational displays at the start and end. The 4.3km (one-way) trail is short and easy, and shares signs with the more difficult Route Two, which runs 10.9km.

Athletes can find their way by following little yellow runners placed along the edge of trails. The Strategic Tourism Sectors programme also contributed funding, with the Govern and Consell again splitting the remainder sixty-forty.

Since late May, birdwatchers on Camí des Brolls have also been greeted by signs as part of the same initiative. Work on the new trails took place in summer on account of emergency orders.

12 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera



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