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Formentera unveils events and promotional activities to wind down season

foto 2020 platja final estiuThe Formentera Department of Tourism reports that, after postponement in May due to public health concerns, an array of intimate events are set to take place in the closing days of September and the early part of October. The activities will be tailored to ongoing exceptional circumstances and covid-19 public health and safety protocol will be in place.

From 25 to 27 September next week it’s Formentera Zen. Dedicated to health and physical and emotional wellbeing, the event see an array of world-renowned speakers converge in an altogether singular backdrop. Formentera Zen has already registered the maximum number of participants and no space remains.

Also next week, on Saturday and Sunday (26–27 September), Plaça de la Constitució will welcome Fernando Valmaseda as he presents an episode of Capital Radio’s “Miradas Viajeras” foregrounding Formentera’s biggest tourist draws. With a set mounted in Plaça de la Constitució from 10.00am to 1.00pm, passersby can follow the national programme in real time.

The aim of these events, according to Consell president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer, is “to promote Formentera in a particularly tough year where efforts need to centre on upgrading our island’s image and, to the extent possible, presenting perks to our visiting tourists. Getting there will mean respecting public health protocol and convincing travellers to visit all year long.”

Formentera 2.0 and Formentera Fotogràfica
1–4 October the island will host the eighth Formentera 2.0, an event devoted to digital communication and networking. Occurring simultaneously is Formentera Fotogràfica, an event that boasts international names in photography, professionals from the sector, adepts of imagery and enthusiasts of visual culture. Regata Ophiusa is also scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 October.

Marketing pushes
President Ferrer pointed out that, uncertain times or not, the island’s marketing efforts continue: “Working with traditional and online media outlets, we led a targeted inter-island campaign at the start of the new normality which was extremely well-received. A similar push currently under way highlights end-of-summer events.”

Other efforts, including press trips and next week’s “Miradas Viajeras”, have sought to reach national audiences by harnessing written press and online media outlets.

Press trip, travel blogs and global efforts
The summer months also saw Formentera’s tourism team leading marketing pushes to court Italian, Swiss, French, Portuguese and Dutch travellers. Recently at the centre of such efforts have been a visiting Portuguese influencer and a visiting German media outlet, and in the week ahead the island will welcome a group of French journalists.

4–7 October the Consell de Formentera will participate remotely in San Sebastián Gastronómika, the World Travel Market of London and the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) of Cannes, all of which are projected to take place virtually.

16 September 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera



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