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Shop-local campaign ‘Compra a Casa’ concludes summer push to boost small business

foto 2020 compra a casa finalAfter drawings in July, August and September, the Formentera Department of Commerce announces the momentary end of Compra a Casa a l’estiu (“Shop locally in summer”), a joint effort which saw the Consell de Formentera and the island’s small- and medium-sized business group, Pimef, teaming up to reward islanders for supporting local small business amidst the pandemic.

Commerce chief Ana Juan highlighted the warm welcome received by the initiative during “what has been a tough year for everyone—local business owners too”. “Local commerce is part of our identity as islanders”, asserted the consellera, who said, “For Formentera businesses, ‘quality’ and ‘locally-sourced’ are pilars. Locally-owned establishments form the bedrock of our society here on Formentera, which is exactly why we’re encouraging people to get out there and see for themselves”.

September winner
This September the €100 gift card went home with Lourdes Costa Ramon, who went shopping at Carniceria San Francisco, a recent addition to the Compra a Casa’s list of partner businesses.

Compra a Casa did better this July than last, with spending rising to €176,366 from €160,982.28, while figures were comparatively worse in August and September, when they dropped from €168,225.67 to €151,347.82 and €144,860.74 to €161,505.51.

Consellera Juan underscored a host of initiatives steered by the Consell this summer in association with Pimef, the Balearic Office of Commerce and other island administrations to support mom-and-pop operations and locally sourced products. And she told islanders to watch out for new and improved bids to promote small business this autum and winter.

Among other Compra a Casa news this year was the launch of a website, www.compraacasa.com, “a way for islanders to connect with locally-run businesses, see which establishments are taking part and find out about available discounts”.

7 October 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera



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