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Areas Social action Social Welfare In 2020, Formenterers Solidaris honoured with Balearic Islands’ Savina award for volunteer work

In 2020, Formenterers Solidaris honoured with Balearic Islands’ Savina award for volunteer work

foto premi savina 2Formenterers Solidaris received the regional government’s Savina Award in a ceremony this morning that included Consell premiere Alejandra Ferrer, social welfare councillor Rafael Ramírez and director of the regional office of participation and volunteering Maria Amengual.

The “premi Savina” focuses on the group’s ‘Food assistance’ programme — an initiative giving basic food and hygiene items to families who are struggling financially. In a combined effort between Formenterers Solidaris and the Formentera Social Welfare Department, volunteers purchase food and pick up donations; the items are then transported to the Sant Ferran church where they are packed and delivered to individuals receiving FSWD support. A fully volunteer-run association, Formenterers Solidaris started in 2007 with the aim of helping the island’s most needy.

In a ceremony that was presided over by President Ferrer, Formenterers Solidaris secretary Teresa Costa accepted the prize on behalf of the non-profit, highlighting hard work as a defining feature of FS’s corps of volunteers. “This is a machine that works thanks to the efforts of each and every individual who participates”, said Costa, “there are no names here — just people who get results when their strengths are united”. “We’d be thrilled if Formenterers Solidaris disappeared tomorrow because it was no longer needed”, she mused, underscoring support from the Consell and Govern as essential to the Formenterers Solidaris operation.

“Super-human efforts have been Formenterers Solidaris’ stock in trade ever since we got started”, the Consell premiere asserted. “These are people who put the needs of others before their own.” Ferrer praised the group’s work during the application of emergency orders, and promised the unending support of local government in carrying out the group’s mission.

Councillor Ramírez, for his part, said the day was about “rewarding the spirit and personal commitment” of volunteers, who he affirmed “generously volunteer their time and resources to make life easier for others”. He underlined coordination with FSWD and voiced his hopes that “volunteers’ guiding spirit finds worthy vessels in all of us”.

According to the Balearic participation and volunteer director, “Formentera’s volunteer associations deserve applause for their efforts to make the island a place to be proud of. Formentera is a place where cooperation and teamwork come before all else”. “I admire your great ability to make a common cause out of the collective”, she said.

Part of the Balearic Islands’ 2020 Regional Volunteer Awards, prizes for volunteer work are designed to offer support and recognition for grassroots participation in the local community. Stewarded by hometown associations, such initiatives seek to leverage the efforts of volunteers to address blind spots in systems of social support and healthcare. The award comes with a cash prize of €3,000.

1 December 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera




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