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Areas Social action Patrimoni Consell studies showcasing researchers’ findings at Cap de Barbaria II dig site

Consell studies showcasing researchers’ findings at Cap de Barbaria II dig site

foto 2020 jaciment es cap 2The Formentera Heritage Department reports that plans currently under review for museum-style displays at the dig site known as Cap de Barbaria II where archaeologists have worked since November.

Heritage councillor Raquel Guasch said operations at Cap de Barbaria II and “Cave 127” in La Mola started 2012, and revealed local government was looking into the archaeologists’ suggestion that Formentera mark the undertaking and showcase local history by fitting the site with informational displays.

The project springs from a partnership between Consell de Formentera and Cantabrian International Institute of Prehistoric Research (IIIPC) for R&D+i aimed at promoting local work on prehistoric archaeology. Researchers are studying the “archaeology of death” and the paleogenetics of Formentera’s prehistoric inhabitants compared with other western Mediterranean peoples of the Bronze Age.

“Incredibly successful” operation
Dr Pau Sureda, a leader of the research team and researcher for the High Council of Scientific Research’s Institute of Heritage Sciences, described the Cap de Barbaria II dig as “incredibly successful” and highlighted the full restoration of a naviform chamber, the southern entrance of the settlement and part of the surrounding wall. “Work has involved restoring and consolidating structures at the settlement, and continue to uncover valuable insight into what life was like for Formentera’s Bronze Age peoples”, said the archaeologist.

In the short term, the team hopes to continue restoration efforts and put the final touches on a plan to present findings in an on-site exhibit fully accessible to islanders.

On 20 November, the archaeologists gave an overview of recent efforts at a talk at Centre d’Esports Nàutics. The project has enjoyed additional collaboration from the Museu Arqueològic d’Eivissa i Formentera, Trasmapi, the Abel Matutes foundation and Sea Experience.

4 December 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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