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Heritage Legal framework

Cultural Heritage Laws


Organic law 1/2007 of 28 February, concerning reforms to the Statute of Autonomy of the Balearic Islands, redefines the powers held by the four local councils of the Balearic archipelago. As established in article 70.6, these powers concern: local monuments, cultural heritage sites, historical interest sites, sites of special architectural or archaeological interest, sites designated for particular natural beauty and the legal deposition of books.

These powers had previously been transferred to the local island councils as part of Law 6/1994 of 13 December concerning responsibility for historical patrimony, social and cultural awareness campaigns and legal deposition of books.

The Formentera Island Council, formed in July 2007, fully assumed effective legal authority as of 1 January 2008. Among its powers, as set out in the first additional provision of Law 25/2006 of 27 December concerning tax-related and administrative measures, the Council maintains legal authority regarding matters of historical and cultural patrimony.

Legal framework

In addition to the above-mentioned laws, matters of historical patrimony must be governed by a document of primordial importance in our autonomous community: Law 12/1998 of 21 December (Llei 12/1998) concerning historical patrimony in the Balearic Islands. This law constitutes an apparatus which serves two functions: to establish legal protection for local heritage sites and to clearly define different facets of administrative authority.

Based on Law 12/1998, and in order to comply with the different articles included therein, various legal documents have been drafted that supplement and clarify certain matters. These include:


Another administrative apparatus of fundamental importance: the Catalogue and Inventory of Cultural Heritage Sites on Formentera, ratified as part of the first ratification of the subsidiary norms.

Subject to continuous revision and updating, the Catalogue and Inventory are open documents, both of which were first developed over the course of 2009. The Inventory includes the near totality of local heritage sites, documenting both their existence and condition. The Catalogue is based on the information gathered in the Inventory. It is a short list of those sites noted for their special characteristics, exceptional state of conservation or because they constitute a representative example of a particular kind of site.


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