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Ecovidrio encourages glass recycling with “Los Peque Recicladores”

foto 2021 ecovidrio 2021 BEcovidrio- and Consell de Formentera-backed contest to build awareness at primary schools and educate pupils about glass recycling.

More than 600 primary schoolchildren from island’s four schools join push for environmental awareness-building.

School that recycles most glass containers wins €500 cheque for school supplies

Formentera, 19 April 2021 - Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization managing glass container recycling across Spain, has teamed up with the Consell de Formentera to bring “Los Peque Recicladores” (Lil’ Recyclers) to Formentera. The educational campaign leverages a contest to build awareness among pupils about the importance of recycling glass.

Today until 31 May, each of the four schools in Formentera’s three urban centers will receive one custom-designed container for students, teachers and family members to dispose of glass containers.

The school that recycles the most kilogrammes of glass containers per pupils enrolled wins, receiving a cheque for 500 euros for educational material or sports equipment.

Participating schools are CP Sant Ferran de ses Roques, CEIP El Pilar, CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu and CEIP Verge Miraculosa.

With the promise of tailor-made mini-glues for each participating school, a parallel push, “Lil’ Volunteers”, challenges children to hatch their own plan to mobilise the school community and promote glass packaging recycling.

Glass recycling on Formentera numbers
According to the latest available data, Formentera recycled 670,220 kilogrammes of glass containers in 2020, for a per-islander average of 56.3 kilogrammes (about 193 containers).
The island has one glass recycling been for every 145 inhabitants, with 82 glass “igloos” across the island.

Environmental benefits of glass recycling
One hundred percent of the collected discarded glass is recycled and used to make new containers in a potentially infinite process in which no properties are depleted. More recycled glass means smaller landfills.

Glass recycling is a key part of the movement to stop climate change. By using cullet or calcín (recycled glass) in new packaging, we extract fewer raw materials from nature, slowing soil erosion and deforestation.

Plus, the manufacturing process nets fewer CO2 emissions and saves energy.

About Ecovidrio
Ecovidrio is the non-profit organisation that manges glass packaging recycling in Spain. When founded in 1998, one year after passage of legislation on packaging and packaging waste, Ecovidrio became the steward of a complete and universal public service, with financing coming from 8,000 packaging companies whose “punto verde” contributions make the recycling system possible.

Ecovidrio delivers a top-quality bin recycling service, we’ve also added bins and developed collection infrastructure, invested in plans and resources to increase glass recycling in restaurants and hotels, mobilised around educational pushes and promoted prevention and eco-designed glass containers.

Recycling rates under Ecovidrio grew exponentially between 2000 and 2018, shooting from 31.3% to 76.8% according to the latest official data from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD).

Glass packaging recycling is a key part of sustainable development, helping foster the transition to a circular economy and combating climate change. In addition, glass packaging recycling supports the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (11) on Sustainable Cities and Communities, (12) on Responsible Production and Consumption and (13) on Climate Action.

19 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera


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