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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Urbanism and Territory planning ‘Formentera, every corner counts’: 137 upgrades and beautification projects and €1m-plus in investment

‘Formentera, every corner counts’: 137 upgrades and beautification projects and €1m-plus in investment

foto 2021 cada raco BThe Formentera Department of Land is pleased to present its appraisal of “Formentera es cuida a cada racó” (Formentera, every corner counts). Department chief Rafael González gave a positive assessment of the campaign, which, from November to 30 April, saw islanders carrying out 137 projects to improve or beautify areas of the island.

González described the pandemic relief initiative, which logged €1,039,051 in total investment, as “an image-enhancement success” and, considering associated activity for islanders employed in construction, painting and maintenance, “a boost for the local economy”.

Simplified subsidy requests
To encourage improvements, the island’s government made requesting permits easier and subsidised planning fees and taxes, reducing one related tax by 95% (the legal limit) and eliminating fees and the public thoroughfare occupancy tax outright. All told, islanders and hometown businesses have seen savings of €42,342, with what would typically be €44,160 in fees and taxes reduced to just €1,818.

González insisted that, heritage sites aside, simplified permit requests were here to stay. Under new rules, plans to carry out upkeep and uprades must be communicated to the OAC (Citizen Information Office) and OVAC (Virtual Citizen Information Office) 24 hours in advance, or ten days in advance for work not involving expanded square metres.

12 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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