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Areas Social action Youth ‘Lives inspiring lives’: Formentera hosts first-ever ‘Vívete’ for youth

‘Lives inspiring lives’: Formentera hosts first-ever ‘Vívete’ for youth

cartell 2021 viveteThe Formentera Department of Youth reports that “Vívete—Lives inspiring lives” will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 26 May, for the first time on the island. Tailor-made for pupils at IES Marc Ferrer, the virtual conference will feature the inspiring stories of local Olympic athlete Mateo Sanz and Nadia Ghulam.

In her welcome address to participants, President Alejandra Ferrer will share her satisfaction presiding over the island’s first-ever hosting of Vívete, which she described as “a chance to give younger islanders role models in personal and emotional development”. “We hope pupils benefit from speakers’ experiences in self-improvement”, she affirmed.

Organiser Carlos Ramón blames our modern lifestyles for “widespread disorientation, especially among young people” and insists society’s role models are but “products to be bought and sold”. Ramón describes the Vívete mission as “turning the spotlight on different role models and lifestyles that have the power to inspire”.

Vívete started in 2017 as a vehicle for human values, empowerment and resources to start young people on a conscious path to personal development. Leading experts in the field, among them Juan Pablo Escobar, Irene Villa, Toni Nadal, Elsa Punset and Miriam Fernández, have shared their own personal experiences in past Vívete editions.

25 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera


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