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Areas Social action Education Escola Oficial d’Idiomes of Formentera to offer Catalan studies in 2021-2022

Escola Oficial d’Idiomes of Formentera to offer Catalan studies in 2021-2022

Local councillor of language policy, Raquel Guasch, has welcomed the news that from September, the Escola Oficial d’Idiomes (EOI, Official Language School) of Formentera, will introduce academic studies in Catalan. The announcement came today from the directorate general of planning, organisation and centres, a division of the Balearic ministry of education and vocational training. The local EOI will additionally extend Italian studies to include the B2.2 level.

A response to growing demand among EOI students, the change is the latest example of the centre’s ever-expanding instructional offering.

Councillor Guasch had petitioned the directorate general to implement the expansion. She reasoned, “It’s only fair that Formentera residents have the same educational opportunities as their neighbours in the archipelago”, she reasoned. Not only that, but “it opens up another route to local accreditation of Catalan learning and marks a step forward in the normalisation of our language”.

The exact course offering will be made public after the period of “pre-registration” (preinscripció), which begins 2 June. During pre-registration, aspiring Catalan language learners can choose between the basic A2 level and intermediate B1 and B2. The course offering will continue to expand as long as a minimum number of students enrol.

The Formentera EOI offers English from basic A1 to advanced C1.1 and Italian from basic A1 to intermediate B2.1, and currently has 320 students.

26 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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