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Areas Social action Education Consell announces €60,000 for recycled books, digitisation and computers

Consell announces €60,000 for recycled books, digitisation and computers

cartell 2021 ajuts estudiantsThe Formentera Department of Education is pleased to announce that today to 6 July, the OAC and OVAC will accept applications for two lines of assistance for students and schools. Application forms and complete details are available on the Consell de Formentera website or by emailing educacio@conselldeformentera.cat .

Schools in the textbook- and learning material-recycling programme may request money as well. And, from 2021, they can also get help with digitisation programmes. Potential beneficiaries:

- Primary and secondary schools with textbook- and learning material-recycling and/or digitisation programmes in 2020/2021.

- Primary schoolers in the recycled textbook programme and high schoolers in the digitisation programme, not to mention children from large and single-parent families.

The Consell has announced a total of €45,000 in available funding, with participating primary and secondary schools getting €50 and €70, respectively, per participating pupil and large and single-parent families paying nothing for textbooks. High schoolers in the digitisation programme and members of large and single-parent families who purchase computer equipment can receive €200.

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New line of assistance for computer purchases
The plenary-backed motion to subsidise computer purchases came in response to petitions from the educational community and was conceived to alleviate fallout from the public health and economic crises stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. Assistance covers computers and other equipment including tablets, printers, routers, repeaters and similar devices designed for studying and/or online learning.

A total of €15,000 has been made available for computer subsidies. Applicants, who must have been enrolled in an academic programme (year five and up) on 31 December 2020 or have been born during or after 1995, are eligible for up to €300 or a reimbursement of 90% of their total purchase.

Equipment must have been purchased between 14 March 2020 (the date emergency orders were declared) and the date of application.

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Coronavirus crisis
Education chief Susana Labrador said the new subsidies were part of an effort to “help families and schools overcome obstacles to access — obstacles that were thrown into sharp focus by lockdown measures”. The councillor highlighted Formentera’s continued support for the recycled textbook programme, and indicated additional help to offset insularity and improve access to higher education was coming down the pike too. Formentera’s government is currently looking at ways to adapt the terms of that aid to the new reality following the coronavirus crisis, said Labrador.

Applications can be submitted to the Citizen Information Office (OAC) Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 2.00pm and Thursday afternoons from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. They may also be sent electronically, through the Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC), which applicants can access from the Consell de Formentera website.

27 May 2021
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Consell de Formentera

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