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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities From tomorrow, family-friendly Formentera Astronómica takes initiates on discovery of the stars

From tomorrow, family-friendly Formentera Astronómica takes initiates on discovery of the stars

cartell 2021 f astronomicaThe Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to report that tomorrow marks the start of Formentera Astronómica. The event’s inaugural edition will come to an end on 13 June, with some fifty participants registered so far.

Organisers say Formentera Astronómica is a chance for star-loving tourists and local families to enjoy and discover a world of excitement. From 10.00am to 2.00pm tomorrow, children in Sant Francesc’s Jardí de ses Eres are invited to “create the universe” out of recycled material, while the same four-hour block on Saturday and Sunday will see participants of all ages plugging into special monitors and virtual-reality goggles for celestial educational games.

Apart from the family-friendly programme of talks, expert-led stargazing sessions, intergalactic VR journeys, activities and crafts, one of the programme’s standout features is a now fully-booked dinner under the stars on platja Migjorn. The complete Formentera Astronómica programme can be found at https://www.formenteraastronomica.com.

Featured names Aguilar Nàcher (director general, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology [FECYT]) and Carlos Briones (researcher, CSIC) will share illuminating and candid accounts of personal experiences, while other speakers will consider the existence of extraterrestrial life, the concept of space debris and fact vs. fiction in sci-fi cinema.

Open call for illustrators
Fruits of a face-to-face workshop are at the heart of a social media-powered drawing contest dubbed “El visitant de les estrelles”. Photos of drawings from developing artists can be submitted via email until tomorrow 11 June to concurso@formenteraastronomica.com.

Formentera residents pay half price at Formentera Astronómica. The FOT-organised event is coordinated by Pidelaluna Events, with additional support from the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (AETIB) and in association with the Astronomical Association of Formentera.

10 June 2021
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