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Six local shops rep Formentera as spotlight shines on iconic Balearic businesses

foto 2021 emblematicsFormentera is one of 14 municipalities participating in Emblemàtics Balears, an initiative backed by the Balearic government in conjunction with the Formentera Department of Commerce to catalogue the most iconic establishments of the region. Formentera businesses account for six of the 102 establishments featured: Forn Sant Ferran, Forn Can Jeroni, Forn Can Manolo, Llibrería Tur Ferrer, Sa Farinera and Teixits J. Marí Serra.

Earlier today a presentation of the initiative included top-ranking Consell de Formentera official Alejandra Ferrer; deputy first minister and productive sector chief in the Balearics Juan Pedro Yllanes; deputy premiere and commerce and entrepreneurship councillor for Formentera Ana Juan; director of the regional commerce office Miquel Piñol and managing director of the Balearic Institute for Business Innovation Mariona Luís. Shop representatives were on hand as well, and received Emblemàtic Balears decals.

Additional info can be found on a new site, www.emblematicsbalears.es, part of an effort to showcase and strengthen traditional local businesses.

‘What makes Formentera Formentera’
President Ferrer applauded the work of Formentera’s historic shops, which she cast as “true models of social sustainability” in that “these establishments have been passed down from generation to generation”. She went on to tout the celebrated businesses as “exemplars of economic sustainability because they represent circularity and make ripples that cut across the local economy”. “We’re always talking about sustainability and about what makes Formentera Formentera”, offered Ferrer. “Well, you’re it.”

“This is about acknowledging, promoting and strengthening traditional commercial establishments”, explained Mr Yllanes. “These are small businesses with history, establishments with deep roots in our neighbourhoods and villages and, generally speaking, possess attributes that are completely unique and which carry extraordinary added value”.

Councillor Juan said Emblemàtics Balears was “a boost to traditional trade and a chance to highlight the merits and force of a key part of our social fabric”. According to the commerce chief, “Formentera’s recent history has played out in these shops. It’s been shaped by the people who run them, and by the families who’ve kept these businesses alive to present day.”

Emblemàtics Balears arose in a bid to protect historic hometown businesses, with the commemorated iconic establishments viewed as unmatched showcases of the uniqueness of each municipality. Though the focus of the initiative is on particular shops, the prospect of visitors coming from the region and beyond mean other businesses will benefit too.

The Emblemàtics website offers insight about featured shops’ trajectories and principal characteristics in Catalan, Spanish and English, part of an effort to maximise the initiative’s reach. The translated texts will also help ensure iconic shops become tourist draws, and strengthen Formentera’s commercial fabric more broadly.

29 June 2021
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Consell de Formentera



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