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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera celebrates local holiday at Far de la Mola

Formentera celebrates local holiday at Far de la Mola

foto 2021 premis sant jaume DLast night at 8.00pm, the courtyard of La Mola lighthouse became the backdrop for an awards gala honouring local excellence as part of annual “Diada de Formentera” celebrations. Held on the feast day of the island’s patron saint, Sant Jaume (St James), the evening came with the announcement of winners of Formentera’s gold medal and the Sant Jaume Prize, as well as the award for the island’s honorary “adoptive daughter”.

“Filla adoptiva”
Formentera named Remedios Castillo Cañas (Granada, 1940 - Formentera, 2021) the island’s filla adoptiva for her work in pottery and thirty-plus years as an impassioned local exponent of the craft. Castillo helped shape the imagination and creativity of countless islanders, and was driven by a commitment to coexistence, inclusiveness and equality.

The year’s Sant Jaume Prizes went to:
Three Wise Men of Formentera
For their impulse and commitment to organising the Three Kings’ cavalcade and the Christmas “Mitjana Festa”, as well as other charitable activities and cultural and popular festivals as expressions of island identity and popular culture.

Fonda Pepe
In the sixty-plus years since opening, Fonda Pepe has been a local icon and the undisputed fulcrum of Formentera’s unflagging multiculturalism. It remains a key source of identity and uniqueness today.

Teixits J. Marí Serra
Since the mid-20th century, when Teixits J. Marí Serra opened as a family business trading in fabrics and textiles, they have become one of Formentera’s flagship establishments.

The Gold Medal of Formentera was given to the island’s Collective of Information Professionals. By delivering news and insight about local goings-on, the honourees guarantee one of the most basic human rights, the right to information – an indisputable pillar of the freest and most independent thinking. The poignance of the award is underscored by the pandemic-era efforts of news outlet staff on the island.

Speaking for the entire local cabinet, President Ferrer applauded award winners for “weaving this fabric that protects us and which at the same time we must safeguard in order to defend our uniqueness and identity”.

Also on hand at the gathering were the president of the Balearic Parliament, Vicenç Thomàs; regional deputy first minister Juan Pedro Yllanes; regional minister Josep Marí Ribas and regional MP Sílvia Tur, not to mention local decision-makers and other authorities.

The event closed with performances from vocalist Julia Benevelli and pianist Sergi Navarro of “Mad World”, “Breathe”, “When I was your man” and “Hallelujah”. The gala was broadcast on the Consell de Formentera YouTube channel and TEF. Watch it here.

Dia de Sant Jaume
On 25 July, the feast of Sant Jaume (St James), a traditional mass will be held in the Sant Francesc church from 8.00pm. An hour later, revellers can enjoy a demonstration of folk dance in the town’s Plaça de la Constitució.

At 10.00pm, the Clara Peya quintet will give an extra special concert in the courtyard of Sa Senieta. Peya is both a pianist and composer, and is considered one of the most original and unique creators on the national music scene in recent times. Her frenetic life moves between music, theatre and activism. Tickets for the limited-seating concert are sold out.

25 July 2021
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