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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera asks for help from Balearic gov’t and vacation rental property owners in tackling rise in Covid cases

Formentera asks for help from Balearic gov’t and vacation rental property owners in tackling rise in Covid cases

In a letter sent today by Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer to Balearic first minister Francina Armengol, the island’s top-ranking official said that dedicated staff would be essential to maintaining round-the-clock labour and public health inspections, insisting such “pre-pandemic” tasks remain crucial today. She also asked for help from the Balearic bureau of inspections and emergencies in tracking compliance with Covid-19 measures.

President Ferrer’s letter describes a situation of ever growing complexity in which “existing municipal regulations and ordinances have been made to accommodate a battery of regulations which are focussed specifically on stemming spread of Covid-19. Meanwhile, enforcement is undermined by staffing shortages amid ever greater numbers of people on the island. The absence of controls to effectively enforce rules about when businesses can and can’t open has given way to exceedingly serious cases of overcrowding, especially at beaches and in urban areas. Since no one is there to enforce business closures, the problem is sent further down the pike to the homes, hotels and apartments where people continue to flout Covid restrictions.

Under increased collaboration with the island’s tourism planning department, local law enforcement to will be able to access relevant data about owners of vacation rental properties. If a person renting a home throws an illegal party, police can ask the homeowners for the renter’s contact information, raising the possbility the person receives an associated fine in the future. Homeowners who choose not to supply the information will themselves face the fine. “If owners of vacation rental properties do their part to curb increasingly frequent house parties, we can ensure compliance with public health regulations and put a stop to surging cases”, said President Ferrer.

Drinking in the street
Pointing to increasingly frequent streetside revellers and crowds at beaches, Ferrer asked the Balearic government for a dedicated Covid detail on the island. Agents could go places where overcrowding is frequent, Ferrer offered, and perform outreach before the situation becomes problematic. “We’re also extremely concerned about the return of ‘party boats’ and watercraft peddling alcohol at sea and on beaches”, added the president.

Ferrer closed by highlighting recent expansions and reinforcements to the island’s Civil Guard service including new safety and traffic units. Both will coordinate with Formentera Local Police, she said, insisting exceptional circumstances meant additional support would be crucial.

30 July 2021
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Consell de Formentera


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