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From bottom of sea floor, Formentera posidonia sends message of environmental awareness

cartell 2021 aixetaAAs part of the Save Posidonia Project’s ‘Conservem el nostre gran secret’ (Let’s protect our big secret) push, the Consell de Formentera has emblazoned messages of environmental awareness on stickers to serve as reminders in the washrooms of tourist accommodations, businesses and even the homes of regular islanders.

The first reads “I ask you from the bottom of the sea: flush only toilet paper”. The second proffers a slightly different enjoinder: “Don’t leave water running”. The graphics are presented in Catalan, Spanish and English and carry the hashtag #laposidòniacomençaaquí (‘posidoniastartshere’).

“We wanted to give posidonia its own personality”, explained president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer, “and we wanted people to see that the sea and our stewardship of it starts in our homes, at our taps and drains”.

An already-printed initial run of 600 stickers will be distributed among members of the local league of small business owners (Pimef), chamber of commerce and federation of hotels. Islanders who wish to pick their stickers up should visit the head office of the Consell de Formentera and Tourist Information Points.

Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz said  promoting conservation meant adapting public awareness policies to tourists and islanders alike.

This campaign is part of next week’s Save Posidonia Project Forum. See below for the complete programme.

Friday 24 September
The first day will be divided into three segments. First up is a welcome address and opening remarks in which President Ferrer will lay out a roadmap for the year ahead and highlight findings from fieldwork completed during the Posidonia Mediterranean Network event which immediately preceded SPP Forum.

The second segment, ‘Smart sustainability: protecting Posidonia’, combines working groups and talks where experts address the present, future, new innovative models of ecological sustainability and success stories pairing technology with sustainability.

That same afternoon, the third segment, ‘Carbon Neutral Islands’, addresses local emissions and possible solutions, and concludes with a round-table dedicated to the leaders of the future of sustainable tourism and the closing event.

Saturday 25 September
Volunteer activities form the basis of day two: a cleanup of S'Estufador beach (9.30am) and guided visit of posidonia meadows, including boat trip, environmental explanations and diving activity.

17 September 2020
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera


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