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Areas Social action Equality policies Formentera sets out to chart unprecedented course on LGTBIQA+ equality

Formentera sets out to chart unprecedented course on LGTBIQA+ equality

foto 2021 banc la molaThe Formentera Office of Equality and LGTBI Affairs has commissioned the island's first strategy "to elucidate the realities facing the local LGTBIQA+ community and develop initiatives that promote equality and non-discrimination for its members", explained President Alejandra Ferrer.

In big picture terms, Councillor Vanessa Parellada said the plan was about "taking the temperature of the LGTBI community on the island and propose public policies and measures to mainstream sexual and gender diversity and thus collaborate in promoting equality and non-discrimination".

Two consultants have been tapped to help prepare the plan: one is from Interferències, an association which specialises in gender and LGTBI policies and feminist research from an intersectional perspective; and the other, also a specialist in gender, from Filosa, which works to educate and train assorted local stakeholders. Technical directors of offices of municipal government will coordinate efforts and facilitate local contacts. Researcher and feminist social worker Alba Pons Rabasa, who holds a Ph.D. in social anthropology, will be at the helm of the initiative.

Preparing the plan

An initial scheduling and planning meeting was held 13 September. Otherwise, the first associated action will take place at the Casal de Joves from 6.00pm on 18 October. That gathering will see formation of the steering committee to assist in drafting.

Work on the plan will bring together various actors, including government agencies, associations and islanders at large. From these key areas, efforts will focus on determining what conditions are necessary to ensure real and effective equality in the exercise of LGTBI people's rights, the goal being to prevent, correct and eliminate discrimination in the public and private spheres over which the Consell de Formentera and other local authorities have jurisdiction.

Parties interested in helping prepare the plan, whether members of the LGTBI community or not, can send an email to igualtat@conselldeformentera.cat and register to join the steering committee.

6 October 2021
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