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Museums Col·lecció Etnogràfica

Formentera Museum of Ethnography

The second half of the XX century brought pervasive and rapid change to Formentera, transformation that in turn had environmental, societal and cultural repercussions. With ways of life steeped heavily in tradition and a more or less self-sufficient economy as its points of departure, Formentera evolved toward a model based almost exclusively on tourism and the service sector. This effected a rejection of many once important traditions, the people of Formentera becoming actors in an ever more globalised world.

For this very reason, one of the goals of the Formentera Museum of Ethnography is to provide visitors an approximation of the lifestyles more typical to the island's not-too-distant past. An array of tools, utensils, furniture and dress comprise the museum's permanent collection, an acutely representative display of daily life in this Formentera of years past.

The museum is organised into different sections and has a scope conceived to be all-encompassing. Included is everything from land-tilling equipment and tools of the fishing trade to representations of the different areas of a traditional country home. A close look is given artefacts from more specialised crafts like carpentry and ironworking, elaborate processes like breadmaking, vinification and shoemaking, and the not altogether far-off spectre of limestone-extraction.

How to get there:
Formentera Museum of Ethnography
Carrer Santa Maria, 16, 1r pis · 07860 Sant Francesc. Formentera · tel. 971 32 26 70. (map)

Free admission

Col·lecció Etnogràfica de Formentera Col·lecció Etnogràfica de Formentera Col·lecció Etnogràfica de Formentera