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Campaign to flag vehicles without formentera.eco accreditation

foto 2022vi avisos for ecoThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that yesterday, as formentera.eco regulations took effect for the 2022 season, a parallel push began to flag vehicles not yet cleared to be operated on local roads under the scheme.

Of 236 number plates checked by attendants of metred "blue zone" parking areas, 199 were duly accredited and 37, mostly motorcycles, were not. A notice left on the unaccredited vehicles informs drivers they have 24 hours to obtain formentera.eco accreditation or risk fines.

Formentera.eco accreditation can be requested on www.formentera.eco, where website visitors can additionally search for a vehicle's plate number to see if it has already received clearance. Accreditation is mandatory for cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, tractors and other motor vehicles driven on Formentera during the regulatory period.

16 June 2022
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