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Formentera proposes gradual installation of new eco-friendly buoys along coast

foto 2022ix consell medi ambientToday Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera, proposed to Miquel Mir, Balearic minister of environment, equipping Formentera with new regulated buoy fields in the area of the Ses Salines Park. Laid out in the "Posidonia Decree", the move would increase the number of environmentally-friendly anchorage points in this protected area and, according to President Juan, "should be implemented progressively across the island's coastline". Gathering in Palma, the two officials were joined by Antoni Tur, Formentera's councillor of environment; Llorenç Mas, Balearic general director of natural spaces, and Guillem Rosselló, manager of Abaqua. Minister Mir supported Formentera's proposal and committed "to move these efforts forward together with the other competent administrations", and added, "Formentera has already established itself as a leader in posidonia protection".

President Juan and Councillor Tur also noted that the new buoy fields must come with "a management service and waste collection for anchored boats to avoid possible spills like the one that occurred this August and forced the closure of Es Pujols beach". The Posidonia Decree classes seagrass meadows in Es Pujols as "high value". Juan asserted that "the strain on our coastline makes these measures essential" and described the present situation as "a threat to our environment". There are currently two buoy fields in Formentera waters: one stretching from S'Alga to S'Espalmador and one at Caló de s'Oli, which is classed as "high value".

Other issues addressed at the meeting included anchorage patrols and assistance. This year service has been partial and the Consell has requested that by the beginning of next season it be offered in full. Operations at the waste water treatment plant and water treatment for irrigation were also discussed. "We must continue working together, with the Balearic Ministry of Agriculture too, to close the water cycle on Formentera", said President Juan. The Consell has also insisted on the need to continue the local fight to curb the numbers of the pine processionary caterpillar. "We are aware that due to the particular characteristics of Formentera, with many far-flung constructions and the peculiarity of our forests, combating the plague here is more complicated than on other islands, but we cannot let our guard down and we must find the right mechanisms".

The president expressed her satisfaction with the councillor's willingness and offered to help the Balearic Government in "carrying forward these projects and working in coordination".

Information requests
Lastly, meeting attendees also discussed requests from the Balearic Ministry of Environment for information about Ses Salines Park and several establishments located on the premises. Minister Mir described the requests as "administrative, perfectly common and routine within the public administration". Before summer, Formentera Office of Territory managers and park managers employed by the Balearic Ministry of Environment met to discuss details of the requests. On 16 September, a new request related to the one made last October was issued. The Consell de Formentera intends to respond in the coming weeks.

21 September 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera


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