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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities AETIB presents framework for tourism intelligence system in Balearics

AETIB presents framework for tourism intelligence system in Balearics

foto 2023ii intel turistica BToday on Formentera, the Agency for Tourism Strategy of the Balearic Islands (AETIB) has presented efforts to define the underpinnings of a tourism intelligence system in the Balearic Islands. Alejandra Ferrer, vice-president and tourism councillor, offered opening remarks at the event, which also included members of the tourism sector and law enforcement agencies, as well as Francesc Mateu, AETIB's managing director.

Councillor Ferrer said the 2018 opening of the Formentera Data Observatory reflected an effort to pursue various visions, "not exclusively tourism-oriented, which can guide us in decision-making and help us continue on the path toward sustainability and a circular economy." Likewise, these data "also help us understand islanders' needs and how tourism impacts their quality of life."

Ferrer spoke about the importance of having and sharing data segregated by islands. To that end, the new tourism intelligence system will allow for both data sharing and data creation. Ferrer highlighted environmental issues that require continuous and updated data such as "the number of anchorages and maritime traffic on the coast, housing costs, the cost of living on the island, our carbon footprint and rising sea levels."

"Only with all this information will we be able to continue adopting measures as an island administration and also urge other competent authorities to implement strong actions to achieve the sustainable development goals for economic and environmental balance, which will have a direct impact on social welfare", she concluded.

For his part, Mr Mateu said that creating the framework to develop the Balearic Islands' intelligence system required "sitting down with roughly one public and private entities to find out what data they have and what data they need, because we will design the tourism intelligence system according to needs." The system is expected to be publicly available via an online platform by late 2024.

13 February 2023
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