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Two more cameras installed to check that vehicles on roads have been cleared under formentera.eco

foto 2022vi for.ecoThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that two number plate-reading cameras have been installed at the roundabout near Formentera Hospital to ensure that vehicles driven on the island during the formentera.eco enforcement period 15 June to 15 September are properly accredited.

There are two more control cameras near the entrance to the island on Carrer Almadrava, and a Consell vehicle (100% electric) equipped with two cameras that will also patrol the island. The cameras scan number plates and check if there is an associated formentera.eco authorisation on file for the vehicle in question.

"With these new cameras we want to expand surveillance to ensure compliance with the regulatory scheme now in its fourth year", explained Rafael González, councillor of mobility. By law, individuals operating vehicles without an associated authorisation face minimum fines of €1,000.

10 June 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Information push to ensure contract details are visible in rental cars parked in La Savina

foto 2022 zona blava vehicles lloguerThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that a rental contract must be visible in all rental vehicles that are left in blue/green metred parking and overflow parking areas in La Savina between the months of May and October. Violators may be subject to fines. Today, to pre-empt parking problems in La Savina, blue zone parking attendants embarked on a push to raise awareness about this measure.

"Last summer unrented rental vehicles parked in La Savina saturated the area", explained Rafael González, Councillor of Mobility. "Now, with changes made to the ordinance and the rule change currently being worked out, rental vehicles may not be parked in La Savina unless the details of an active rental contract are left visible. The document must be signed by the company that owns the vehicle and a natural or legal third party", he added.

Local car-hire companies have received a form that must be filled out and left by drivers in a visible area in the front of the car when they park. In the days ahead, blue zone attendants will leave flyers on rental vehicles parked in La Savina reminding motorists that failure to comply with the measure could soon mean fines.

Last summer unrented rental vehicles parked in pay-to-park areas in La Savina were at the centre of 150 fines issued by Formentera Local Police. Under the modified ordinance, blue zone attendants will be able to issue fines too. "This regulatory change was communicated and agreed with the La Savina Residents' Association and car rental companies in response to parking shortages in the centre of La Savina last July and August", said Councillor González.

27 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera launches push encouraging residents, seasonal workers and companies to accredit their vehicles for local roads this summer

foto 2022 for eco campanya CFrom Friday 27 May, the Formentera Office of Mobility will start an information campaign calling on residents, summer workers and companies to register and obtain accreditation to bring, drive and park their vehicles on the island during enforcement of formentera.eco, in effect from 15 June to 15 September this year.

"Blue zone parking attendants will leave flyers on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in towns across the island indicating whether their authorisation is active or not. If not, they are asked to complete the necessary steps online at www.formentera.eco", as explained by Rafael González, Councillor of Mobility.

The campaign will last roughly 20 days, until 15 June, when attendants begin enforcing the rules. The flyers used by the company are made of recycled paper. "Since we can't contact all motorists on the island, we have decided to carry out this campaign at street level flyers", said Councillor González.

cartell 2022 for eco A

No charge for residents, seasonal workers and companies

Accreditation is free for residents, seasonal workers and companies. A total of 7,505 resident vehicles (whose drivers either have blue zone parking accreditation in force or pay the local road tax) have already been cleared to be brought, driven and parked on the island during the regulatory period.

To see whether the authorisation is in force, motorists can visit a dedicated section of www.formentera.eco where they need only report their vehicle plate number. Individuals who do not meet the above requirements must apply for accreditation on the website. "This measure is about preserving the environment and the tranquility of the island", asserted the councillor, who praised islanders for their collaboration "making Formentera a more sustainable island".

26 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 for eco B

From 1 June, Formentera will introduce rules for motorists driving and parking near Caló des Mort and Es Ram

foto 2022 es caló des mortThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that between 1 June and 30 September motorists who drive and park on roads near Caló des Mort and Es Ram must follow certain rules. Rafael González, Councillor of Mobility, described the measure as a response to the high number of visitors to the area in summer, and said it aimed to minimise environmental impact and address issues seen in summers past around traffic, parking and emergency vehicle access.

Regulating vehicle access and parking

From 1 June to 30 September, an attendant will inform drivers that parking in Caló des Mort and Es Ram is not allowed and redirect them to the nearby urban area where parking is available. The rules will be duly signposted and rope fences have been placed around adjacent green spaces to prevent parking.

Drivers can stop briefly to pick up or unload passengers, and vehicle access will be permitted for people with reduced mobility, but motorists who wish to park must do so at the nearby town. Further, the attendant will have the authority to write tickets and remove vehicles that violate the rules. Formentera Local Police will also be able to intervene, as will the Civil Guard, until now the only authority with jurisdiction in this protected area.

The new rules come in response to a request from area residents.

25 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 calo des mort es ram

Formentera residents must be accredited to drive on local roads during formentera.eco enforcement

foto 2022v formenteraecoThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that 7,505 resident vehicles whose owners hold valid blue zone parking accreditation or have paid the island's road tax were automatically cleared to access, drive and park on the island during the enforcement of formentera.eco from 15 June to 15 September.

Motorists can see if their vehicle has been cleared by logging their plate number in a section of www.formentera.eco. Individuals do not meet the above requirements can request accreditation simply on the same website. Trucks, high-capacity vans, tractors or trailers must also have a valid accreditation to be driven on the island. Accreditation is free of charge for residents.

In the days ahead the Consell will launch a communication campaign to make sure that local motorists either have the accreditation already or request it now. Formentera.eco rules will be enforced by local law enforcement and parking attendants and with license plate reading cameras, both mobile and fixed, that will be installed throughout the island.

24 May 2022
Communication Area
Consell de Formentera

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