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Windsurfing school updates arsenal with new boat designed for disabled

Foto presentacio nova embarcacio escola de velaJaume Ferrer, Jordi Vidal and Josep Verdera —the Formentera Council's chairman, the councillor of sports and the branch director at CaixaBank in Sant Francesc— metr to unveil the latest addition to the arsenal of equipment at the windsurfing school: a boat specially-designed for people with functional diversity.

The administration welcomed the support from Obra Social la Caixa, which brought €8,000 to the table for the initiative. The 12-person vessel measures 5.95 metres (m) long and 2.5m wide and retails for €13,000. The remaining €5,000 was put up by the Formentera Council, which paid €2,000 to give the school a trailer as well.

The CiF reached out to Obra Social in a bid to equip Formentera's Escola de Vela with special-needs services. The project's directors point to roughly 50 islanders —patients at Formentera's dependent care centre and individuals affiliated with an array of other local groups— as some of the service's potential users.

According to the men, the effort is part of the CaixaBank financial network's dedication to serving local communities. “Our commitment,” they said, “is to the Balearic Islands' most vulnerable”.

Help for sports and athletes groups on Formentera

Basquet3The Formentera Council Office of Sport has announced they have begun accepting applications for grant money as part of Esports 2017, a programme to fund local clubs and associations oriented around sport. The aim is to help associations promote and carry out seasonal activities (assistance with sign-ups and membership documentation, trainer costs, equipment, etc.) and ensure their economic viability by proposing mediation and counsel in areas such as business administration.

The deadline on applications is July 17. More information, plus application forms, can be found at the Formentera Council website and at esportesmes.org. Esports 2017 is a €74,000 programme that is funded by the Council. The administration issued the call for applications earlier than in years past in an effort to guarantee that this year advance payouts—an anticipated 50% of the total—are sent before the start of the 2017/2018 season.

Other assistance
Also being accepted are applications for support for young sportswomen and men and their trainers (applicants and aides must be participants in the support programme for under-18 athletes). That funding was unlocked thanks to a deal with Fundació per a l'Esport Balear.

Thirteen thousand euros in grant money is available and recipients are selected based on a series of factors in a process that is overseen by a committee formed by representatives from both the Formentera Council and Fundació per a l'Esport Balear. The deadline on those applications is July 17 and all the details can be found on the CiF website and at esportesmes.org.

Council and Club de Surf sign deal to open windsurfing school

Conveni vela 010617Today, CiF president Jaume Ferrer and the deputy director of Club Surf Formentera, Alex Buchau, signed into action a deal to share management of Formentera's municipal windsurfing school in 2017.

The partnership is aimed at making use of the Formentera Council's provisional la Savina facilities, located alongside s'Estany des Peix on the road that connects to the mouth of the lake.

Under the deal, the Council will pay Club Surf Formentera €18,000 to use the temporary site and additional nautical equipment for windsurfing school. In turn, the club promises to hire the necessary personnel to oversee the centre's activities programme and upkeep.

Council receives visit from SD Formentera

foto visita sd formentera 1At 8.00pm this evening, SD Formentera paid a visit to the Formentera Council. CiF president Jaume Ferrer received a delegation headed up by the club's captain, Xicu Ferrer. The event included a number of pronouncements and a toast to the club's achievement.

Formentera revives municipal sailing school

Foto jordi vidal i alex buchauThe Formentera Council's Office of Sport has announced that next Wednesday, May 31, a group of students from Marc Ferrer secondary school will be the first to try out the new facilities of the municipal sailing school. The students, winners of the “Aules netes” prize, will take part in nautical activities at the newly reopened school.

Surf club partnership
Under a €18,000 deal with the CiF, Club Surf Formentera takes responsibility for hiring and operations at the centre while the Council oversees administrative functions.

The agreement, expected to be signed into effect next week, will formalise the Council's collaboration with the centre, an organisation headed up by Alex Büchau and Jacques Lauren, two individuals whose commitment to nautical sports goes back to 1981.

Sport councillor Jordi Vidal described the move as “a renewal of the Formentera Council's policy of supporting inclusive sports centres” and affirmed the municipal sailing school “is in sync with the administration's promotion of positive values in sport, active participation in local community, fitness and health”. The effort, says Vidal, reflects the Council's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

New location
The new Escola de Vela is located at the crossroads of carrer de s'Almadrava and camí de Sa Bocana de s'Estany. Equipped with permits from Ses Salines park and coastal authorities, the centre's facilities will remain provisional through summer, awaiting public tender of the plan to construct a Centre d'Esports Nàutics (“Nautical Sports Centre”) in La Savina.

For complete information about activities at the sailing school, or to take part in June signups, visit the Antoni Blanc sport centre. 

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