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Cala Saona to be scene of first international beach volleyball tournament

Foto presentació torneig voleiEarlier today, the Formentera Council’s Office of Sport announced the details concerning its first ever world amateur beach volleyball tournament, set to take place this Saturday on the Cala Saona beach at 12 noon. The CiF councillors in attendance at the morning press conference were Jordi Vidal, of the sports office, and Alejandra Ferrer, of tourism. Also present were two former players from the Spanish national volleyball team: Rafa Pascual and Ernesto Rodríguez, who is organising Saturday’s event.

The tournament will take place all weekend at Cala Saona beach, though one modality –four on four– will be at the centre of a championship that starts today and culminates in a final match at 5.00pm. As Councillor Vidal explained this morning, Maurizia Cacciatore will be the guest of honour at this weekend’s events. Ms Cacciatore, as Vidal noted, is considered by many to be the greatest player Italian volleyball has ever known. The councillor took the opportunity to urge the entire island to come out and “enjoy the waterfront show”.

The matches on Saturday and Sunday will be open to teams of two, in men’s and women’s categories. Morning games will start at 9.30am and recommence at 3.30pm. There will be eight playing areas and 40 participating teams. Sportsdreams is the company that, together with the Formentera Council, has coordinated the event.


Councillor Ferrer explained that the tournament is part of Discover Formentera in May (Descobreix Formentera al Maig), a campaign to “expand the traditional season by proposing sports-related activities and other bonuses to off-season tourists”. Pointing to the sport’s popularity among Formentera’s Italian visitors, Ferrer said the Council hoped to entice tourists outside of the traditional summer season.


Bike race this Sunday

foto ciclismeThe Formentera Council (CiF) Office of Sport has announced to the delight of cyclists everywhere that the next home-grown bike tour is just around the bend. On Sunday, April 24, cyclists will compete in Ciclisme en Ruta Illa de Formentera, an event organised by the sports club Grup Esportiu Espalmador and which receives additional support from the CiF.

Fifty-some cycling enthusiasts have already signed up for the road cycling trial, which is set to begin at 10.30am in la Mola. However, the actual race doesn’t start in earnest until cyclists make it down the hill to Es Caló, where the official starting signal will be given. Riders will follow a straight shot from Es Caló to Sant Ferran before embarking on a quintuple loop around the lake and through Es Pujols, Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran. Cyclists will then make their way back up to la Mola to the town centre.

Federated cyclists have until Saturday night to register for the race on formenterasport365.com. Participants should bear in mind that any cyclist who falls more than five minutes behind the leading group will be disqualified. Intermittent traffic cuts will occur from 10.30am to 1.00pm to allow for the leading group’s passage.

Sports councillor Jordi Vidal thanked Formentera Local Police, the Guárdia Civil and the Guárdia Civil traffic officer for the assistance they will provide during the event. The councillor also gave thanks to volunteers from Civil Protection forces. According to Vidal, “our volunteers have made this event possible.” What is more, he underscored the importance of a road cycling race which, though once a regular occurrence, was only revived six years ago.

New sponsors jump on board for Formentera half marathon

Foto acord caixa bankThe Formentera Council has clinched an agreement with CaixaBank for sponsorship of the Mitja Marató, the island's half marathon. The Balearic director of CaixaBank, Xicu Costa, announced the terms of the agreement today after a morning meeting in the CiF plenary hall with CiF president Jaume Ferrer, sports councillor Jordi Vidal, director of the Sant Francesc Xavier branch of CaixaBank, Pep Marí, and race organiser Manuel Hernández.

Council president Ferrer thanked the bank officials and assured their help was “very important”. Ferrer also expressed his hope that the agreement be renewed in the years to come, adding: “What we want is for this race to continue in the long term.” Costa highlighted CaixaBank's commitment to promoting sport and called the bank's €35,000 sponsorship its biggest in the entire Balearic community. Costa too echoed hopes that the fledgling partnership continue in the future.

La Mitja Marató de Formentera will take place Saturday May 14. One thousand seven-hundred runners have already registered for the 21km circuit and 900 have signed up for the shorter, 8km race.

Sunday marks third year of 'De Far a Far' walk/run

cartell tercera edició de far a farThe Formentera Council (CiF) Office of Sport is proud to announce that the third annual De Far a Far – a 26km walk/footrace whose name, “From Lighthouse to Lighthouse”, refers to the trail – will take place this Sunday, April 10. As CiF sports councillor Jordi Vidal reported, walkers will set out from the Es Cap lighthouse at 9.00 am and runners will start two hours later. Both walkers and runners will follow the same trajectory, finishing in La Mola no later than 2.00 pm. Local sports club Grup Esportiu Espalmador also helped organise the event.

Bus pick-up and drop-off

Vidal stressed that participants must use buses provided by organisers to reach the starting point, which is in a protected area of the island with only limited parking available. Buses will leave La Savina at 7.45 am and 9.30 am, the Antoni Blanc Sports Centre at 8.00 am and 9.45 am and bar Es Cap at 8.15 am and 10 am. After the event buses will be available to take participants back to all three departure points.


Participants can sign up at www.formenterasport365.com until Friday April 8 at 9.00 pm. At present 250 individuals, both walkers and runners, have registered. Vidal encouraged Formentera residents to take part, underscoring that “this is a trail even non-professionals can do”. Registration (€20 for runners and €15 for walkers) includes a commemorative T-shirt, refreshments, microchip-based tracking, medical assistance, insurance coverage, bus fare and cloakroom service.

Eighth youth football tournament this weekend

Foto presentacio torneigSports councillor Jordi Vidal and Xicu Ferrer, the newly-appointed president of the island's football club (SD Formentera), came together today to announce details of this weekend's youth football (aleví) tournament. The sports trials will take place on the municipal pitch, and, according to Ferrer, organisers are predicting “some of the best youth players in the state”. Among the teams scheduled to take part are València CF, Vila-real, Mallorca, Betis, Málaga and hosts SD Formentera.

As the club's president reported, the initial qualifying rounds of play will get under way Saturday 26 March at ten a.m. The first and second semifinal matches will take place Sunday at ten and eleven, respectively, before the two highest classed teams square off at noon. The third and fourth highest ranked will go head to head at five p.m. and the final match is set for six o' clock that evening.

The sports councillor stressed the importance of the trials for local football and the high caliber of participating teams. He also seized the opportunity to wish the Formentera club's new president his best. For his part, the leader of the tournament's hosting team thanked the Formentera Council and Trasmapi, which helped cover travel costs between Eivissa and Formentera, for having made the event possible. Alex Marí, a representative from the Trasmapi transport company, was also in attendance at the morning presentation.

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