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Escola de Vela adds two new trainer boats to fleet

foto 2021 Escola VelaThe Formentera Department of Sports reports that the municipal sailing school has expanded its arsenal of watercraft to include two new boats for the school’s sailers in training. Financing for the €6,171 boats was made possible by a deal between the Consell, Marina de Formentera and Trasmapi.

Deputy premiere Ana Juan, who has temporarily taken on duties as chair of the FDS, presented the watercraft together with Marina de Formentera manager Juanjo Costa, Trasmapi commercial director Alex Marí and Escola de Vela director Alex Figueiras.

Councillor Juan described the companies’ collaboration as “a huge help as we upgrade material and seek to build our base of nautical sports equipment” and stressed efforts within local government to promote basic sport and nautical activities.

Figueiras explained that the boats were appropriate for a wide array of aspiring sailors — “from seven year olds to grown-ups with basic sailing notions and capable of navigating solo”. The boats are equipped with three sails: a mainsail and headsail for standard navigating and a ‘gennaker’ with outrigger for when winds are favourable. According to Figueiras, the third sail is for more experienced sailors with a higher degree of control. The boats can be operated by a single adult or child, pairs or up to three sailors (either one adult and two children or two adults and one child).

The sailing school has eight single-seater Open Bics for beginner and advanced sailors ages five and up.

Escola de Vela classes
Roughly one hundred students are currently enrolled in the school’s winter classes and until the start of the summer programme, sailing and windsurf classes can be scheduled Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 11.30am, 11.30am to 1.30pm and 4.00pm to 6.00pm. Two-hour classes cost €10 and are for children and adults.

Located at the Centre d’Esports Nàutics, the municipal facility for sailing and windsurfing also accommodates two junior regatta groups and one standard regatta group, with twice weekly outings taking place on weekdays and Saturday (in the latter case outings are staggered to avoid overlap).

The Escola de Vela offers students wetsuits and life jackets for use during instruction. The strictest Covid-19 safety measures are applied at all times.

24 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Municipal sports programmes resume

The Formentera Department of Sport reports that municipal sports programmes have resumed for children under 12. FDS has contacted local clubs to relay the latest developments and remind them that, given Formentera’s current situation of extreme risk, non-contact training can resume as well with tier 4 rules in place.

Despite improvements in the public health situation, FDS urges islanders to remain vigilant and adhere to all regulations strictly, and asks clubs to practise activities outdoors whenever possible.

22 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

12th Illa de Formentera Half-marathon scheduled for 9 October

foto 2021 mitja maratoThe Formentera Departments of Tourism and Sport report that the twelfth editions of the island’s half-marathon (la Mitja Marató) and 8K fun run will be held 9 October. Consell de Formentera chief and tourism office chair Alejandra Ferrer said the FDS, the local business sector and political groups had all played a part in the decision.

Ferrer held that public health previsions were “better in October than May because we’ll be further along in the vaccination process” and highlighted early-season plans for “small-scale programming to pack extra punch into ‘Discover Formentera in May’”. She added that the 2021 campaign to promote pre- and post-season tourism would spill into June and that high-turnout events were being tentatively planned for season’s end.

President Ferrer applauded the loyalty of would-be Mitja Marató participants registered to run since May 2020. The rescheduled event will occur during a national bank holiday and long weekend, an opportunity to plug cultural and gastronomic programming as part of ‘Discover Formentera in October’, said the premiere, pointing up “additional perks for travellers who help us stretch out the season”.

Mitja Marató organisers have praised the schedule change as well as participants’ understanding, and are offering options like hassle-free automatic registration for the new 9 October date. Till 25 April, individuals who signed up to run on the original dates can also opt to postpone participation until May 2022, let someone else take their place, or, if cancellation insurance was contracted, get their money back. Registered athletes should watch their inboxes for a detailed explanation of options from www.unisportconsulting.com .

October, a full month of sport
Ana Juan, deputy premiere of local government and temporary chair of the sport department while Paula Ferrer is on maternity leave, underscored the implication of everyone involved in organising what she called the two “marquee national events”. Juan also underscored the FDS’s work to coordinate and organise sporting fixtures like the triathlon, “Marnató”, “Volta Cicloturista” and mountain-bike challenge in La Mola.

19 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Consell improves climate control and ventilation at pool with dehumidifier

foto 2021 obres piscina 1The Formentera Sport Department reports that upgrades currently under way and scheduled to continue in the weeks ahead at the municipal pool are aimed at optimising the fitness centre’s on-site climate control system. Crews will replace a dehumidifier installed when the pool was first fitted with a cover and which is today past its useful lifespan, as well as perform other improvements like fixing leaks and upgrade waterproofing over the covered portion of changing rooms and the boiler room.

Sports department chair Paula Ferrer said the previous dehumidifier’s operation at 50% capacity and associated condensation and temperature issues like stark differences in indoor air and water temperatures made its replacement essential. “We promised users of the sport centre that upgrades were on the way and now we’re taking the opportunity of reduced activity amid Covid-19 to make the switch”, explained Ferrer. Administrative formalities started last year were interrupted when emergency orders were declared. Today, with formalities complete, crews can begin installation of the €102,850 machine.

The decision was made to simultaneously repair the roof over the swimming pool’s changing areas and mechanical room, an operation which will cost €26,880 and consist in removing the current cover and replacing it with new equipment to better waterproof and isolate that portion of the facility. This week workers started taking apart and demolishing the faulty cover.

“A guaranteed-safe covered pool”

Apologising for the inconvenience the short-term closure would cause and insisting the pool would reopen as soon as operations were complete, Ferrer said that “all islanders, from the youngest of the young to the eldest of the elderly, will be able to enjoy a guaranteed-safe covered pool in the height of comfort”. Work is expected to be complete in three weeks.

Additional upkeep will include installing new LED lighting and water filters and performing maintenance work on the pool’s heating system.

28 January 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Classes at fitness centre go virtual

The Formentera Sport Department reports that from tomorrow 26 January, amid closure of Antoni Blanc sport centre as part of tier 4 public health restrictions, classes will be held on the ‘Esport a Casa a Formentera’ YouTube page. Classes will happen live and will be led by regular course instructors. Effective today, the Consell will also cease to collect course fees until face-to-face activities resume. Islanders with questions should contact poliesportiu@conselldeformentera.cat or telephone 971 32 12 40 from 8.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday.

See below for activities schedule.

25 January 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera



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