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Formentera’s “Lil’ Recyclers” record 3,457kg haul

foto 2021 ecovidrio2The Formentera Department of Environment is pleased to report that local schoolchildren collected a grand total of 3,457kg of recyclable glass waste as part of ‘Los Peque Recicladores’ (Lil’ Recyclers), an educational push promoted in association with Ecovidrio. Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz said the initiative was about “educating schoolchildren on the importance of recycling glass containers” and claimed it had been successful in terms of both the volume of glass recycled and the number of pupils who participated.

Roughly 614 six to twelve year olds from the island’s four primary schools took part in the initiative, which ran from 19 April to 31 May. The winning school, CEIP Virgen Milagrosa, will get a €500 gift card.

The campaign included a competition which pitted local schoolchildren against each other to see who could recycle the most glass containers.

To help participants reach their goal, each school received a green container emblazoned with ‘Lil’ Recyclers’ graphics and personalised with the school name. The school that collected the most glass per was pupil got the €500 prize.

28 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera joins push to save sea turtles

cartell 2021 tortuga CAAs the planet celebrates World Sea Turtle Day, the Formentera Department of Environment is pleased to add its name to “Tortuges en el Mediterrani” (Tortoises in the Mediterranean), a campaign by the València Oceanogràfic that will see informational material go up in Consell de Formentera display cases and assorted locations across the island.

Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz explained that campaigners across much of Spain’s eastern coast have set out to teach tourists and residents about the importance of caring for the turtle known by scientists as Caretta caretta. He tied local government’s renewed support for “Turtles in the Mediterranean” by pointing up the loggerhead’s “essential role in the marine ecosystem”.

More than 55 municipalities in València, Murcia and the Balearic Islands have also publicised the initiative.

16 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Environment Week participants clear 350kg of litter

foto 2021 que celesteWhen the Consell de Formentera’s first-ever celebration of Environment Week came to a close on 12 June amid underwater cleanups and children’s workshops in can Marroig, organisers celebrated the total haul from the week’s volunteer activities: 350kg in reclaimed rubbish. Plastic Free and Qué Celeste! teamed up at the start of the week to remove nearly 100kg from cala en Baster, and Formentera Divers and Vellmarí joined forces one week later to remove 250kg of plastics, cans, bottles and more from spots like s’Espalmador, ses Illetes, Racó de s’Oli and can Marroig.

The Environment Week programme included two days of fully booked ornithological excursions, Clean Wave clinics for kids and a ses Salines reserve-organised talk on turtles.

Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz praised the groups and businesses who took part in the week, describing them as “instrumental to conveying our message that protecting and caring for the environment can be fun”. He hailed high turnout at the activities, which were all free of charge, and told islanders to get ready for Environment Week 2022.

14 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Pairing with Consell, Ocean Keepers embarks on cleanup of Formentera coastline

foto 2021 ocean keepersThe Formentera Department of Environment has teamed up with the non-government organisation Ocean Keepers, which earlier today kicked off seven days of scheduled cleaning this June on Formentera shores. The Eivissa-based non-profit describes its work as “positive change to reduce our footprint. [It’s about] greater awareness around the impact that our actions have”.

A seagoing crew will start this week in es Caló des Morts, moving to punta des Corb Marí on Wednesday, to Cala Saona a day later and, from Monday 22 June, setting sights on s’Espalmador, ses Illetes, Llevant and pas des Trucadors. Logistical support for the cleanup is provided by the Consell de Formentera.

8 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Restrictions on access to ses Salines nature reserve and sa Tanca d’Allà Dins in es Cap de Barbaria

foto 2021 inici entrada regulada AThe Formentera Department of Mobility reports that from today, drivers who arrive at ses Salines nature reserve by car will face certain restrictions. Access will remain free for Formentera residents.

Now through 15 July, non-residents entering the reserve must pay €5 to do so with a car and €3 with a motorscooter. 16 July to 31 August the rate is €6 and €4; 1–15 September, €5/€3 and 16–30 September, €4/€2.

People with reduced mobility, drivers of electric vehicles, visitors on foot and cyclists can enter the park free of charge, while drivers of hybrid vehicles will receive half off the cost of entry. The rules will remain in place until 30 September. Capacity at the reserve is for 342 cars and 1,060 scooters.

Limited access: es Cap de Barbaria
Additional controls in effect tomorrow to 15 October will limit access to sa Tanca d’Allà Dins in es Cap de Barbaria.    

In 2017, a barrier went up at kilometre 6.5 of the north-south highway in an effort to preserve the ecological integrity of the area, facilitate access to the nearby lighthouse and es Garroveret defence tower and deliver an improved visitor experience.

A car park near the barrier accomodates 60 cars and 100 scooters, so visitors can leave their vehicle and proceed to the lighthouse on foot or bicycle.

During peak hours, 11.00am to 1.00pm and 6.00pm to 10.00pm, a guardian stationed at the barrier will ensure access for individuals with reduced mobility.

31 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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