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Rock piles to be removed from Es Trucadors area

Munt de pedra premsaThe Council’s department of environment has organised a day of work this Saturday, 14th November, to remove piles of rocks around the Es Trucadors zone of the island. The goal, explained department head Daisee Aguilera, is to «raise local awareness about the importance of leaving delicate natural areas like this one untouched» and «attempt to return the area to its original state».

Councillor Aguilera invited all island residents to come out for the day, which will begin with an informational segment at 9:30 a.m. near the Es Ministre restaurant in Ses Illetes. From there, participants will head toward Es Trucadors, where the day’s work will entail «removing the piles of stones and trying to return them to their natural place».

Due to perennial battering by waves and wind, Es Trucadors is an area especially susceptible to erosion. Aguilera noted the uniqueness of the zone's coastline and pointed to its uncommon rock formations and the ease with which they can deteriorate.

The councillor commented that both the marked increase in foot traffic through the area and passers'-by inclination to stack small rocks into sculpture-like forms «are speeding up what are otherwise natural processes of erosion, thus accelerating the disappearance of that part of the island». At the end of the day participants will be treated to a snack, concluded Aguilera.

Formentera backs «Ibiza y Formentera 100% renovables» documentary

The Formentera Council’s office of environment wishes to congratulate Miguel Ángel Villagrasa and Ulises Petinto for their leadership producing Ibiza y Formentera 100% renovables (Ibiza and Formentera 100% renewable). The documentary is set to be premiered this evening at half past eight in the cultural centre of the Eivissa town of Jesús.

Formentera’s environmental councillor Daisee Aguilera announced the administration’s plan to contribute 800 euros to the project, and said she hoped to see the film projected soon in Formentera’s own cinema.

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