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This Saturday, cleanup of S'Estany des Peix marks World Cleanup Day 2021

In recognition of World Cleanup Day 2021, this Saturday 18 September, the Formentera Office of Environment (FOE), in association with Plastic Free and Que Celeste, will host a cleanup of S’Estany des Peix.

Participants are asked to meet at 10.00am in the Formentera Nautical Sports Centre (CENF) in La Savina. All necessary material will be provided by FOE.

World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest exercise in civic action, directly involving more than 180 countries in tackling the global waste crisis. Organisers highlight WCD’s strong and one-of-a-kind network of stakeholders who share the vision of a waste-free world and believe that together we can clean the world of rubbish.

15 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2021 world cleanup day

Plastics pickup at Cala en Baster

cartell 2021 recollida plasticsRamon Mirabet’s Gira del Mar has teamed up with the Consell de Formentera and Save Posidonia Project to mount a plastic waste cleanup in the area of Cala en Baster. Recovered plastic will be recycled and incorporated into a new product by Fitplanet.
For more details and to sign up, visit www.giradelmar.ramonmirabet.com.

13 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Smart sustainability drives 4th Save Posidonia Project Forum, 24—25 September

cartell 2021 forum SPP aIn press conference today, Consell de Formentera president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer offered early details about the fourth Save Posidonia Project Forum, due to unfold on the island 24 and 25 September, as well as a new promotional and educational push dubbed ‘Let's keep our big secret' (Conservem el nostre gran secret). According to Ferrer, the 2021 forum, focused on reactivating tourism and protecting Formentera through smart sustainability, is “a space for showcasing ideas and exchanging experiences”. And she highlighted an aim shared by those taking part in SPP Forum: “To help Formentera down a path toward sustainability during a difficult year and amid ever growing strain on the island”.

At the presentation President Ferrer spoke about SPP Forum’s origins, describing the original driving impulse as protecting natural resources like Posidonia oceanica seagrass. But she emphasised the need to keep the initiative relevant, and applauded the individuals and businesses who have paid to sponsor over 250,000 m2 of posidonia since SPP Forum’s 2017 début.

New campaign
Designed by communications firm Viernes and backed by the Formentera Office of Tourism, ‘Let’s keep our big secret’ marks an attempt to educate around the key role of posidonia seagrass and why protecting it is so crucial. The campaign spotlights an inter-generational selection of islanders who share messages like preserving the air-purifying seagrass by not anchoring watercraft directly on top of it and by fishing responsibly.

Donations received since 2019 have enabled the Formentera Office of Environment to fund and coordinate ‘Antroposi’ —a project stewarded by the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA)— as well as an environmental diagnostic study of moorage on Formentera's coastline by the local environmental campaigners at GEN-GOB. With €90,000 in funding, the two projects were completed and presented to the public this year. The most recent call for proposals saw honours go to the University of the Balearic Islands for ImPeFora — a €112,000 analysis of the impact of emerging pollutants on posidonia.

Apart from numerous international experts in sustainability technology who are scheduled to contribute as speakers, in attendance at this year’s SPP Forum will be fifty journalists from a wide range of countries — “which should help to give voice to our secret and raise awareness about the importance of territorial preservation”, said President Ferrer.

Save Posidonia Project Forum

- Friday 24 September:
The first day will be divided into three segments. First up is a welcome address and opening remarks in which President Ferrer will lay out a roadmap for the year ahead and highlight findings from fieldwork completed during the Posidonia Mediterranean Network event which immediately preceded SPP Forum.

The second segment, ‘Smart sustainability: protecting Posidonia’, combines working groups and talks where experts address the present, future, new innovative models of ecological sustainability and success stories pairing technology with sustainability.

That same afternoon, the third segment, ‘Carbon Neutral Islands’, addresses local emissions and possible solutions, and concludes with a round-table dedicated to the leaders of the future of sustainable tourism and the closing event.

- Saturday 25 September:
Volunteer activities form the basis of day two: a cleanup of S'Estufador beach (9.30am) and guided visit of posidonia meadows, including boat trip, environmental explanations and diving activity.

The complete SPP Forum programme is available here.

8 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Coming soon: Formentera’s first car park with solar panel-equipped pergola

foto 2021 pergola fotovoltaiquesThe Formentera Department of Environment is working to craft a pergola fitted with photovoltaic panels and five double recharge stations in the Antoni Blanc Sports Centre car park. The unique, 260-panel structure is expected to generate 134,486 kWh each year — clean energy that will either be fed back into the pergola’s five recharge points or used by the nearby fitness centre. According to data from the Consell’s energy portal, the Antoni Blanc Sports Centre uses 231,984 kWh of energy each year. Put another way, the net energy from the solar-equipped pergola will essentially cover half of the facility’s energy needs.

The project has currently secured funding to the tune of €238,000, including a recently granted €185,000 from the Balearic Department of Energy Transition. The latter was secured as part of the impost de turisme sostenible (ITS), or “sustainable tourism tax”, designed to promote sustainable tourism. The work will be put to tender in September; the pergola is expected to go up in winter and to be operational by 2022.

Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz welcomed news of the grant’s approval, insisting it was key to “creating a local source of clean energy”. “We live in an ideal place for green policies”, said Sanz, “and the Consell works hard to promote initiatives like this one”.

Councillor Sanz said a new energy portal on the Consell de Formentera website serves to “temper, readjust and reduce Formentera’s energy consumption and turn the local focus toward eco-friendly ways to produce energy”.

In 2019 island decision-makers signed the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy — a pledge to hit EU targets for greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

20 August 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

In 2021, Formentera’s July waste surpasses 2019 figures by 7.8%

cartell 2021 per una illa mesThe Formentera Department of Environment reports that this past July islanders generated nearly 8% more waste than the same month in 2019. Total collection for the period stood at 1,373 tonnes (t), compared to 1,273 t two years prior. Meanwhile, the municipal cleaning contractor logged a running count from January to July of 4,559 t compared to 4,791 t for the same period in 2020. And, focusing on July alone, crews collected a total of 1,094 t — 25.5 t more in 2021 than in 2020.

Improved day pickup and checks

Environment chief Antonio J. Sanz explained that increased output since July meant expanded pickup needs at midday, since rules require normal grey-bin rubbish to be binned between 8.00pm and 11.00pm. On 5 August alone, the reinforced midday service hauled off a total of 8,300 kg of rubbish.

The Consell asks islanders, tourists and businesses to be mindful of others and use appropriate containers when disposing of waste. Items that are not fit for bins, including MSW whose daytime disposal in bins is prohibited, can be disposed of free of charge at the island’s household waste transfer station, or Deixalleria. The Deixalleria is open Monday to Saturday, 9.00am to 1.30pm, and Monday to Friday afternoons, 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The pickup service for household appliances and furniture can be reached by dialling 900 102 656.

In 2021, Formentera unveiled an educational push called ‘For a cleaner island’, together with reinforced inspections, to encourage the correct use of bins.

Disposal times at streetside bins:
MSW and similar rubbish: 8.00pm to 11.00pm. [Dumping outside these hours is punishable by fine.]
Glass: 8.00am to 11.00pm. [Dumping outside these hours is punishable by fine.]
Paper, cardboard, packaging, clothes, etc.: any time.

Door-to-door pickup at businesses:
Summer: daily, 8.00pm to 4.00am.
Winter: Sunday to Friday, 8.00pm to 4.00am.
Es Pujols, summer (1 June to 30 September): daily, 8.00pm to 11.00pm.

10 August 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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