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TSJB once again upholds Consell's regulation of Estany des Peix

foto 2023v estany tsjbThe Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJB) has rejected the appeal filed by the Association of Business Users of Estany des Peix (AEUEP) against the order issued by the same chamber, 21 November, denying the injunction requested by AEUEP, including the requested suspension of the regulated anchoring at the lake.

The TSJB again recalls that "there is indisputable public interest in the immediate application" of rules "for the necessary preservation of the environment". The Court also signals that "environmental degradation constitutes serious and irreparable damage, so this general interest has preponderance over the private interests of the appellants".

The TSJB describes AEUEP's claim that "application of the new regulation has caused damage to the environment", as "devoid of any justification", and adds that "if the aim is to avoid indiscriminate anchoring, the regulations that have entered into force seek to do just that".

30 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera inicia la recollida d'orgànic porta a porta als productors grans i mitjans

FOTO 2023v compostEl Consell de Formentera, a través de l'àrea de Medi Ambient, informa que ja s'ha iniciat la recollida de fracció orgànica porta a porta als prop de cent quaranta establiments adherits de l'illa. La matèria orgànica és tractada a l'abocador per elaborar compost d'alta qualitat, es posa a disposició de la Cooperativa del Camp per adobar els camps cedits al banc de terres. L'any passat es varen recollir 509 tones de matèria orgànica.

Recollida porta a porta de paper cartó de dilluns a diumenge
Avui se celebra el Dia Mundial del Reciclatge, i el Consell recorda la importància d'optimitzar la gestió dels residus per tal d'allargar-ne la vida útil o rebutjar-los correctament sense repercussions ambientals. En aquest sentit, des de l'àrea de Medi Ambient aquesta setmana s'ha iniciat la recollida porta a porta de paper cartó de dilluns a diumenge. El Consell recorda que s'ha de deixar el cartó a la porta de l'establiment o al contenidor de manera plegada i ordenada. A més, as Pujols, des de l'1 de juny, hi haurà una recollida especial en horari de tarda.

Els establiments que vulguin adherir-se a aquesta campanya de recollida porta a porta poden contactar amb l'àrea de Medi Ambient a través de l'adreça electrònica mediambient@conselldeformenetera.cat o cridant al telèfon 971 321 210 ext. 1.

Impuls a la recollida d'orgànic amb la nova contracta de residus
D'altra banda, amb la nova contracta de residus, adjudicada enguany, "es posarà en marxa la recollida de matèria orgànica a la ciutadania a partir de l'any 2024", segons ha avançat el conseller de Medi Ambient, Antoni Tur. El conseller ha recordat que "amb el nou contracte adaptam el servei de recollida de residus i neteja de Formentera que es trobava obsolet a les necessitats actuals de l'illa, que, a més, ha de suposar una notable millora per a la nostra ciutadania i els turistes que ens visiten", ha assenyalat el conseller.

Dades de residus
Per tipus de residus, l'any passat es varen recollir 6.074 tones de residus sòlids urbans (RSU), 919,60 tones de voluminós, 969,91 tones de paper i cartó, 1.021,97 tones d'envasos, 1.087,82 tones de vidre i 509,32 tones d'orgànica. Del total dels residus recollits, se'n varen reciclar un 33,91 %, que és el màxim històric registrat a Formentera.

Curs de compostatge domèstic
D'altra banda, el Consell de Formentera vol organitzar un curs de compostatge domèstic si hi ha demanda de la ciutadania. Per això, els interessats a realitzar aquest curs poden apuntar-se a l'àrea de Medi Ambient a través del correu electrònic mediambient@conselldeformenetera.cat o cridant al telèfon 971 321 210 ext. 1. Quan hi hagi un nombre suficient d'interessats s'impartirà el curs.

17 de maig de 2023
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Consell offers up posidonia cleared from beaches

foto 2023v retirada posiThe Office of Environment of the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that this year it will once again provide interested islanders with the posidonia that is being removed from local beaches.

Operations to remove seagrass that lies washed up on local shores started in Cala Saona in March, when crews hauled off a total of 612 cubic meters. Efforts in Es Ca Marí led to an 360-m3 haul, and at Estany des Peix, crews removed 48m3 from the shoreline near CENF so school activity could continue. According to the rules of the Ses Salines Park Use and Management Plan, posidonia can only be removed after 15 May if the measure aims to preserve the environment and dune system of beaches located within the park limits. Seagrass removal operations at Platja de ses Illetes began yesterday.

Interested parties can contact the Office of Environment to request some of the collected posidonia. Requests can also be made by completing an "instància genèrica" via the Virtual Citizen's Information Office (OVAC), telephoning 971 32 12 10 or sending an email to mediambient@conselldeformentera.cat. Delivery of the material is free of charge.

Key role of posidonia on beaches
Posidonia plays a very important role in protecting beaches against storm erosion. While the process is highly variable, various studies have shown that berms of dead posidonia leaves are an important source of organic cover for dune vegetation: they absorb the energy of waves and anchor very large quantities of sand.

Posidonia has an array of traditional uses, including as animal bedding, in cultivated fields and as insulation material for traditional houses.

16 May 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Formentera unveils provisional list of eco-mooring assignments under Estany des Peix recovery project

foto 2023iv epeix AAfter consulting with the public and reviewing applications, the Consell de Formentera is pleased to report that the Governing Board has approved provisional assignments of ecological moorings under the project to regulate and recover Estany des Peix.

The list was published today on the Consell de Formentera bulletin board and in the minutes section of the Governing Board on the Consell website here.

The 285 approved moorings—78 on floating pontoons and 207 low-impact anchorages—represent the maximum number permitted in Ses Salines Park. Of those, 137 have preferential rights because applicants demonstrated they had begun anchoring in Estany des Peix before the Natural Resources Management Plan (Pla de Ordenació dels Recursos Naturals) took effect 5 July 2002.

Recovering a degraded area
"We are in the final phase of a complex, pioneering project that has been widely backed by the society of Formentera. It will allow us to recover a protected area that has been severely degraded by the large number of anchored boats and many years of unregulated and unauthorised activities", said Antoni Tur, environment councillor.

Informing users
In a process that will be based on vessel type, including features like length, beam and draft, and on boat owners themselves, such as whether they are elderly or have mobility problems, buoy and pontoon numbers will be determined and communicated in the coming days. Boats not authorised for the mooring points cannot be anchored in Estany des Peix due to environmental concerns and the carefully safeguarded space and natural beauty.

Once the locations of mooring assignments are communicated, boat owners will receive complete details about conditions and proper use of the equipment associated with the new regulatory scheme.

Clearing 1,700 deadweight anchors, 500 kg of debris and a dozen abandoned boats
Cleaning operations are also centring on the Estany des Peix shoreline, where debris from abandoned boats and buoys often accumulate. According to Councillor Tur, cleanup of the seabed meant removing more than 1,700 deadweight anchors, 500 kg of debris and waste, a dozen abandoned boats and three sunken vessels.

Questions? The Consell provides assistance through the Office of Environment via telephone (971321210) and email (mediambient@conselldeformentera.cat).

24 April 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Crews begin natural control of mosquitoes and chironomids in park wetlands

foto 2023iv moscards BThe Office of Environment of the Consell de Formentera has begun a push to naturally curb mosquitoes and chironomids in the wetlands of Ses Salines Park (Estany Pudent, Estany des Peix and Salines d'en Marroig) where the larvae develop. Antoni Tur, environment councillor, said that the campaign would require 32 days, from summer to late October, and "could be extended if mosquito numbers spike this year".

Mosquito and chironomid populations are controlled preventively by acting on insect larvae with Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis, a natural form of treatment.

To avoid a proliferation of mosquitoes, the Office of Environment advises islanders to follow a series of measures at home to take aim at mosquito breeding sites, such as emptying water from remaining stagnant in containers; maintaining proper chlorine levels in pools and wash basins; covering wells and cisterns with mosquito nets; making sure that water does not accumulate in flowerpots and dishes, and changing the water in animal troughs every two or three days. In general, islanders should do their best to keep water from remaining in stagnant puddles.

19 April 2023
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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