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Govern and Council pact on fifty-fifty split of Formentera-Eivissa waste transfer costs

BartomeuEscandellThe Formentera Council, in the words of the administration's councillor of economy Bartomeu Escandell, “wishes to give thanks to the Govern Balear, which, by way of an arm of the Palma government known as 'el Consell de Govern' has made official a subsidy of €2,136,000—fifty percent of the Formentera-Eivissa waste transfer costs accrued from 2011 to 2014”.

The subsidy follows negotiations that were held over two years between José Vicente Marí Bossó, the autonomous government's tax and budgets councillor, and, representing the Formentera Council, Escandell himself.

Bartomeu Escandell explained: “Our wish is that the Govern assumes full responsibility of the cost of transport. That was the agreement in place from the time the es Cap de Barbaria transfer plant was opened through 31 December 2010—the duration of Balearic president Antich's presidency. We would have wanted a similar accord to bear out during this legislature”.

Councillor Escandell reported that “during this legislative sitting, the cost of waste transfer reached 4.5 millon euros, so the agreement reached today—and the €2,136,000 in funding that it guarantees—are positive for the Council”.

Escandell applauded Marí Bossó for what the economic councillor described as “his knack for true dialogue and his will to compromise”. Speaking of the outgoing legislature, Escandell continued: “With Councillor Marí Bossó, important agreements have been struck both on this issue and with regard to funding for the island councils”.

CiF puts an end to bank debt

130114 bartomeuescThe Formentera Council has wiped clean the last of its debts with banking establishments, a development which means—in the words of the administration's economy councillor Bartomeu Escandell—: “that the Council will cease to pay interest and instead focus the totality of its resources on services and investments for the local population.” According to Councillor Escandell, the situation is clear proof of the economic viability of the CiF ('Consell insular de Formentera'), an institution which is simultaneously ajuntament and consell.

This morning a payment of €613,301 was made to BBVA, which left the Council in a state of zero debt. Last year, on 3 June 2014, the Council paid off a loan it held with La Caixa bank.

The Council's debt reached its most critical point on 21 December 2012 when an outstanding sum of €11.5 million meant the administration was making yearly interest payments of €500,000. That situation was the result of, on the one hand, the debt that the Govern Balear held with the Formentera Council (at the time €18 million) and on the other, the fact that the national administration was obliging the Council to use ICO-PYME loans to repay its debtors.

Formentera is now seven years ahead of the timeline set by the central government, which calls for local governing entities to reach zero debt by 2022.

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