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From tomorrow, family-friendly Formentera Astronómica takes initiates on discovery of the stars

cartell 2021 f astronomicaThe Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to report that tomorrow marks the start of Formentera Astronómica. The event’s inaugural edition will come to an end on 13 June, with some fifty participants registered so far.

Organisers say Formentera Astronómica is a chance for star-loving tourists and local families to enjoy and discover a world of excitement. From 10.00am to 2.00pm tomorrow, children in Sant Francesc’s Jardí de ses Eres are invited to “create the universe” out of recycled material, while the same four-hour block on Saturday and Sunday will see participants of all ages plugging into special monitors and virtual-reality goggles for celestial educational games.

Apart from the family-friendly programme of talks, expert-led stargazing sessions, intergalactic VR journeys, activities and crafts, one of the programme’s standout features is a now fully-booked dinner under the stars on platja Migjorn. The complete Formentera Astronómica programme can be found at https://www.formenteraastronomica.com.

Featured names Aguilar Nàcher (director general, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology [FECYT]) and Carlos Briones (researcher, CSIC) will share illuminating and candid accounts of personal experiences, while other speakers will consider the existence of extraterrestrial life, the concept of space debris and fact vs. fiction in sci-fi cinema.

Open call for illustrators
Fruits of a face-to-face workshop are at the heart of a social media-powered drawing contest dubbed “El visitant de les estrelles”. Photos of drawings from developing artists can be submitted via email until tomorrow 11 June to concurso@formenteraastronomica.com.

Formentera residents pay half price at Formentera Astronómica. The FOT-organised event is coordinated by Pidelaluna Events, with additional support from the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (AETIB) and in association with the Astronomical Association of Formentera.

10 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Consell crowns participation in job seekers’ programme with 7 new SOIB Reactiva positions

foto 2021 soib reactivaThe Formentera Department of Entrepreneurship reports that seven positions were offered as part of the latest round of recruitment through SOIB Reactiva, bringing the total number of jobs created for previously jobless islanders to 22. Individuals hired in this second round began their four-month assignments on 23 April.

Entrepreneurship chief Ana Juan described SOIB Reactiva as “very useful for the formerly unemployed islanders who’ve hired on and improved their skill sets for future career paths”.

Openings in this round of recruitment include four cleaners (over-30s/long-term jobless); two brigade operators and an information assistant (jobless over-30s on SOIB rolls for at least three months, fewer if the individual in question was previously furloughed).

Valued at €225,810, Formentera’s SOIB-backed 2020 Reactiva contracts are made possible by the European Social Fund’s 2014-2020 Operational Programmes for Regional Youth Employment, money from the central government’s Sectoral Conference, and the local fund to promote Supporting Sustainable Tourism (ITS).

1 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Italian ambassador visits Formentera

foto 2021 visita ambaixadorConsell de Formentera deputy premiere Ana Juan welcomed a visit this afternoon from Riccardo Guariglia, Italy’s ambassador in Spain; Monica Lacalamita, deputy consul on Eivissa and Formentera and Lanfranco Fabbro, vice consul emeritus. Citizen participation chief Vanessa Parellada attended the meeting as well.

During the visit Juan stressed “the close ties binding Formentera and Italy”, and asserted, “Italy isn’t just home for 35% of our visiting tourists. According to 2020 census figures people of Italian origin account for 1,706 of Formentera’s residents, and are a deeply-rooted part of our community.

Meeting participants also discussed the current state of affairs in public health, and the Vice-President Juan out that Formentera “is good to go as a safe destination” and ready to welcome another year of transalpine tourism.

21 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera courts domestic travellers with message of safety and sustainability

foto 2021 fiturEarlier today in a talk titled “Formentera: safe and sustainable”, Consell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer shared her hope with crowds at the International Tourism Trade Fair (Fitur) that, in 2021 as in 2020, domestic travellers would decide to come and spend their holidays on Formentera — “where, these days, safety and sustainability are the main draws”.

Ferrer hailed news of a 700% increase in online searches that puts the island at 12% of its 2019 levels. Many hotels have additionally reported similar bookings to pre-Covid levels.

“We’re telling Fitur crowds about the island’s competitive edge in safety and sustainability. Till now, Formentera’s longstanding dedication to sustainability has meant quality natural spaces and safeguards for the land. Now, it means visitors can enjoy the island with peace of mind knowing they’re respecting one of the most crucial Covid measures: social distancing”.

Ferrer described the island’s experience last season during year-one of the pandemic and highlighted safety protocol in restaurants, hotels and beach bars — “all of which have outdoor spaces that make visits to Formentera even safer”, said Ferrer.

Ferrer spoke about Formentera’s recent return to face-to-face events, and held up recent efforts with the island’s tourism industry to adopt a tourism recovery plan complete with economic measures, marketing operations and a tentative security plan. In addition to public health protocols and continued monitoring at ports and airports, Ferrer said the plan included regular diagnostic tests until vaccines are widely available among local businesses. “It’s about closing the cycle”, quipped the premiere. “This way, not only are visitors safe, but they’ll be safe during the length of their stay”.

Additional changes:
- Efforts to become the first destination in Spain to join Unesco’s web-based Sustainability Charter, where sustainable hotels and overnight accommodations will be celebrated for sustainable measures like plastic reduction, renewable energy and respect for the water cycle.
- Pilot test of a quality seal for family-friendly tourism.
- With the Formentera Data Observatory, planned participation in the Smart Tourism Network to collect and analyse data for good governance and informed decision-making.

In closing, Ferrer expressed her satisfaction with recent “very good news” about a loosening of restrictions on travel between the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain. “Formentera is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, nature, walks and peace and quiet”, asserted Ferrer. “A safe and sustainable place to recharge batteries — something we all can use right about now”, she concluded.

20 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

At FITUR, Formentera touts qualities as ‘safe and sustainable’ destination

From 19 to 23 May, representatives will be at Madrid’s FITUR 2021 international travel expo staffing Formentera’s individualised space at a stand shared with the rest of the Balearic Islands. In addition to protocols aimed at ensuring the island remains as safe a destination as possible, reps will be touting the plethora of outdoor activities, ways to enjoy the island safely and, according to marketing chief Carlos Bernús, “sustainability-forward initiatives that have been in the works some time now”.

The three central days of FITUR will find the team meeting with spokespeople from niche travel magazines, apps seeking to improve visitor experience, PR agencies and tour operators. “In a year made particularly difficult by the Covid crisis, as ever, we’re thinking of new promotional activities and strengthening our strategy to attract visitors”, asserted Bernús.

Spotlight on Formentera
Thursday 20 May, Alejandra Ferrer will give a presentation titled “Formentera: safe and sustainable”. Beyond collaborative efforts by local government, industry and islanders to make Formentera safer in terms of public health, the Consell de Formentera chief will draw attention to longstanding sustainability-centred projects like formentera.eco, Save Posidonia Project and other new initiatives. She will also underscore events designed for families, such as the brand-new Formentera Astronómica and the retooled Formentera Zen, both star features of the local reps’ spiel before FITUR crowds.

Finally, the spokespeople will take part in two round tables: one, an exploration of sustainable destinations and the other, a close-up on origins and ins and outs of the Formentera Data Observatory.

16 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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