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‘Formentera 2.0’ puts island at centre of IT buzz

foto presentació formentera 20In a press conference today, the Office of Tourism of the Formentera Council unveiled plans for the fourth Formentera 2.0, a series of conferences slated to take place May 5–8. The presentation was attended by Alejandra Ferrer, CiF tourism councillor, Carlos Bernús, head of the tourism advisory board and Rosa Castells, organiser of the event. The series, noted Ferrer, is part of a campaign dubbed Descobreix Formentera al maig (Discover Formentera in May), a push to attract tourists with special programming in the off-season. The councillor also talked about the potential of such an event to “put Formentera at the centre of the buzz surrounding information technologies and social media,” a possibility she hailed as “very good for tourism.”

According to organiser Rosa Castells, Formentera 2.0 has become a benchmark for IT-related events and includes high-calibre contributing speakers. Among the renowned speakers participating in talks this year are Salvatella founder Genís Roca; director of digital and social media at Iberdrola, Carlos Fernández Guerra; Gestmusic director Tinet Rubiera; director of digital marketing at Banco Santander, Sofia Mayoral; IT digital manager of FC Barcelona, Abraham Clotet; Naciódigital.cat director Karma Peiró; one of the founders of Vasava, Toni Sellés and Marketingdirecto.com director Javier Piedrahita.

Networking and experience-sharing

Also noteworthy, said Castells, are the high skill levels of participants, a factor that has allowed the conferences to become “places of experience-sharing and networking”. Over the 4-day course speakers and attendees will go in-depth on important subjects like digital transformation, social media and branded content, television, social networks and “360º creativity”.

Formentera 2.0 is sponsored by the Formentera Council and the Patronat de Turisme, the island’s tourism advisory board. Included in registration (€220) are entry to all associated events and discounted accommodation. For more information, contact www.esfreus.com

Updates can also be found at www.formentera20.com

Formentera Fotogràfica, a must for photo-lovers

TORRENS FORMENTERA FOTOGRAFICA copiaThe Formentera Council Office of Tourism has issued details about the Formentera Fotogràfica festival. In a presentation this morning on the upcoming fourth year of the festival, tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer announced: “Renowned photographers from the national and international stages will once again take part in Formentera Fotogràfica, placing our island in the line of sight of anyone involved in the world of photography”. What is more, the councillor said the festival would be included in Formentera's calendar of off-season events.

Festival organiser Francesc Fàbregas called on fans of photography, multimedia and videos to participate in the event. “Come out and enjoy magical Formentera,” he said, “and share your experiences with a wide range of photo industry professionals”. Registration for Formentera Fotogràfica costs 250 euros and can be done at formenterafotografica.com. The festival runs April 28 to May 1.

“Formentera Fotogràfica is an eclectic event that encompasses numerous specialty areas. Over four days, conferences, workshops, hands-on activities, screenings and low-key gatherings will serve as an opportunity for professionals and participants to meet and share their experiences,” added Fàbregas.

Invitation to Formentera residents

One of the goals of Formentera Fotogràfica organisers is also to grab the attention of Formentera residents. With island locals in mind, this year's festival will include an open-house screening of a documentary by Tony Catany, Thursday April 28 at 10.00 pm. In addition, Sunday May 1 at 12 noon, residents are invited to attend a free screening of a documentary by Joana Biarnès and Silvia Omedes.

Preselection phase of search for skilled tourism workers

foto preselecció madridWith the help of jobs portal turijobs.com, the CiF office of tourism and trade has got the selection process under way that will provide a reserve of seasoned tourism industry workers for Formentera businesses this summer. “Signups yielded 9,114 candidates for the 130 jobs that our island businesses have proposed,” explained tourism councilor Alejandra Ferrer. “From that initial pool, 400 individuals were contacted for phone or Skype interviews,” she reported.

As part of the Formentera Talent Tour, interviews with the 400 preselected candidates will be conducted this week. “The first 100 interviews are scheduled at the Marriot Princesa in Madrid, with similar proceedings taking place tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday in Sevilla, Bilbao and Barcelona, respectively,” explained Councillor Ferrer. Business owners and operators themselves will then select employees based on the information obtained in interviews. The Council has pledged to provide any required technological support – like setting up video conference calls so that employers can establish initial contact with the job seekers.

Ferrer said the project arose from an interest among Formentera’s business community in having access to trained, experienced professionals “to fill positions not just in infrastructure but also the service sector”. So that hiring businesses know which contenders are already here on the island and have got housing, a particular section of the workers pool will be dedicated to Formentera residents. The initiative has received additional support from the Eivissa-Formentera chamber of commerce and the Pitiüsa-based SME federation, PIMEEF. It has been financed by the Formentera Council to the tune of €35,000.

Moreover, Councillor Ferrer announced her office would be giving a presentation today in Madrid before members of various media outlets. The presentation will focus on two initiatives: the Descobreix (‘Discover’) campaigns that spotlight the perks of Formentera in the off-season months of May and October and the island’s network of green trails. The councillor described the Council’s set-up in Madrid which combines a stationary bicycle and virtual reality goggles to give would-be visitors a preview of our little corner of paradise.

New display cases for informational material

Panell informatiu info turisticaCiF tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer has announced the addition to the Council's arsenal, from today, of three new display stands to organise the informational material it offers to tourists and locals. Eager to maintain the look and feel of existing public works projects, the administration has tapped local artist Jordi Peñaranda, who designed the tourist information office in la Savina as well as outdoor signage at the Sant Francesc office.

Two of the display cases will be used by the office of tourism. Of those, one is slated for the Sant Francesc office and the other —the larger of the two— will go to la Savina. According to the councillor, the two specially-designed stands will be the ideal way to greet Formentera's visitors, not only at the point of entry but also at the main nerve centre of the island. The third stand was bought by the CiF's office of agriculture and will be used to disseminate information about the Formentera farmers market and other related activities.

All three of the pieces boast rust finishing and locking wheels. Priced at €870, the XL model (for the la Savina tourism office) measures 1,500 centimetres wide by 1,600 cm tall and 640 cm deep. The other two stands measure 700 cm x 1,600 cm x 640 cm and had a cost of €720. Informational material will be affixed with magnets to ensure the long life and optimal appearance of the cases.

Formentera could become destination spot for Japan's elderly, reports consul

Foto visita consol japoCiF president Jaume Ferrer has met today with Japan's consul general in the Balearics, Catalunya and València, Hiroyuki Makiuchi. Ferrer welcomed the visit, which provided an opportunity for the two men to discuss “Formentera's prospects as a travel destination for the Japanese”. The president referred to “steps we can be taking to open Formentera's doors to Japanese visitors”, particularly, he said, during the island's traditional low season.

For his part, Makiuchi described Formentera as “the ideal island destination for senior Japanese tourists”, who he said would be receptive to proposals of active tourism like walking and cycling. According to Makiuchi, one in four Japanese is elderly and has got the time, money and get-up-and-go to visit “exotic” destinations like Formentera. Eager to make headway on the issue, President Ferrer and Consul Makiuchi said future meetings —as well as organised outings with travel agencies— would soon follow.

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