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Loyalty card purchases totalling €100K lead to €1.5K in discounts

foto presentacio compra a casaTrade councillor Alejandra Ferrer was joined earlier today in the Formentera Council's plenary hall by Pep Mayans and Vicent Roselló, president and spokesman of Formentera's small and medium-sized business association (Pimef), to report on the loyalty programme Compra a Casa six weeks on.

Roselló explained that to date 600 cards have been handed out of which 526 have been activated by making one or more purchases. He pointed out that in a month and a half, Compra a Casa cards had been used to buy €100,000 worth of goods for an accumulated €1,500 in discounts.

Councillor Ferrer encouraged Formentera residents to sign up for the free card in any member business. Shoppers receive a minimum 1.5 per cent discount in food stores and 3 per cent in restaurants. The councillor reminded those present that Compra a Casa's main goal —to give a leg up to local businesses that operate year round— is reflected in one imperative to adhesion: opening at least eight months out of the year.

The Pimef chair extended special thanks to Compra a Casa's 50 member establishments. Any business owners interested in joining should contact the CiF Office of Trade or Pimef. The campaign's associated app, formentera365, will also be pitched to tourists in an effort to educate them on all of the local businesses open through winter.

Gift cards
Members who have used the Compra a Casa card in purchases were entered in a drawing to win four €50 gift cards that could be used in member stores. The winners were: Àngel Escandell Tur, who shopped at Expert; Manuela Amador Rodríguez, a shopper at Ofiusa; Remedios Sánchez Amores, a customer at Sant Ferran's BTQ supermarket and Fina Castelló Costa, for shopping at Avenida de la Mola.

This Christmas, Formentera shoppers made 15,000 purchases

foto compra a casaThe Formentera Council's Office of Trade has reported that 15,000 purchases were logged on the island this Christmas. Department head Alejandra Ferrer made the announcement after seeing the figures from businesses linked to “Compra a Casa”, a holiday campaign encouraging residents to buy local. Formenterers who shopped at the participating stores were entered in a raffle for 14 prizes.

Councillor Ferrer expressed her satisfaction with a push that this year saw participants increase from 4,400. She also pointed to a possible reason for the change: “Last years' initiative was limited to businesses specialising in gifts. This year, however, we had not only food outlets but also any other store that stayed open through winter.”

Winners were informed this week that their gift vouchers were available for pick up at Formentera's chamber of commerce, another participant in the initiative.

Prize winners
A total of 14 prizes were given out, starting with a weekend for two on Eivissa, rental car and hotel included. That trip, backed by Viatges es Freus, was snatched up by Elena Hurtado after she turned in her receipt at Natural Formentera. A €150 voucher for Majoral jewellery went to Mónica Serra thanks to her purchase at Salón BSB in la Savina. Carbonica Tur's contribution to the raffle –a Christmas ham and bottle of wine– was awarded to Osmari Alzugaray, who had shopped at Detall Nou Estil. Then there was a dégust dinner for two at Es Marès hotel's in-house restaurant. That prize was picked up by José Luis Requena, who had gone shopping at Perfums Formentera.

The list goes on. Juan Ernesto, who had made purchases at Sant Ferran's Super Bàsic, walked away with an €80 voucher for Supermercat La Savina. Maria Ferrer Ferrer got her €50 gift certificate for Can Jeroni pastry shop and bakery. Ferrer had shopped at Pescadería Federico, a fish monger. Dinner for two at Restaurant Acapulco was awarded to Remedio Sánchez, a shopper at Supermercat BTQ. Julien Jean-Louis made a purchase at Brico Paya and was treated to a voucher for a wash and cut or dye and styling at Raquel's Hairspray salon in la Savina.

A painting by artist Sol Courregues will be given to Sofia Pérez thanks to her decision to shop at Pescadería Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Guillem Gil Mir –who dropped his receipt at the Tur Ferrer stationery store– was awarded a voucher for SHELAC nails by the BSC beauty parlour in la Savina. Breakfast for four at Racó des Pa was won by Celestino Valera after she handed in a receipt at Can Manolo. Francisca Escandell, who had shopped at the Marí Serra fabrics emporium, was rewarded with a breakfast for two at the Antoni Blanc fitness centre café. The Council's gift –a pack of books– is for Ana Maria Ferrer, who shopped at Pinocho toy store. Lastly, four tickets to the municipal cinema were nabbed by Catalina Escandell Serra, thanks to Escandell's purchase at Casa Paya.

Formentera shows Fitur its sustainable side

fitur 2017 1Three members of the local administration –Council president Jaume Ferrer, tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer and tourism advisory board chief Carlos Bernús– can be spotted extolling Formentera's qualities this week at the Fitur travel show. As Councillor Ferrer pointed out, this year Formentera is at two stands – one representing the Balearic Islands and housed in pavilion nine, and the another, located in pavilion seven, that the island shares with Citroën E-Mehari.

Formentera will tout the sporting and cultural events that have steadily gained prominence over the years and turned the island’s pre- and post-season periods into targets for tourists. The plugging dovetails with a Balearics-wide campaign to boost wintertime travel to the region. At the Balearics’ official presentation before Fitur crowds, slated for Thursday at noon, Formentera will screen its 2017 promo video and, according to Councillor Ferrer, “unveil a new green project to safeguard posidonia seagrass”.

Sustainable mobility
Riding the wave of 2017’s promotion as Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Formentera will continue agitating for electric vehicles, already a years-long movement on the island. Councillor Ferrer explained that one upcoming line of action, fruit of the recent partnership between by the administration and Citroën, included “continuing to swap out fossil-fuel vehicles on the Council's fleet with electric ones”.

Three local shops applauded for 2016 Christmas decorations

entrega premi kentiaFormentera Council vice-president Susana Labrador and trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer were joined today by Juanma Costa, chair of the local chamber of commerce, in granting honours to the winners of 2016's window dressing awards. To mark the occasion, the representatives and jury member Álvaro Mendoza made stops at the award-winning shops.

Now in its tenth year, the Christmas window dressing competition is organised jointly by the Council and the chamber of commerce as a way to promote festive holiday celebrations across local businesses. The retail outlet for kids' clothes and toys, Te doy la luna, snagged the first prize, a check for €225. Kentia came in second and received €150. Maii, a clothes shop, won the third spot and a €75 check.

The jury comprised one representative from both the Council and the Formentera chamber of commerce and two recognised local artists, Enric Riera and Mendoza. Last year's winners were Floristeria Formentera, Te doy la luna and Maii.

Through discounts and bonuses, Compra a Casa! encourages residents to shop local

foto campanya compra a casaToday, the Formentera Council's Office of Trade unveiled a push to encourage Formentera residents to buy local. The Compra a Casa! (“shop at home”) campaign is framed as a boost to local business, not to mention the restaurant sector, during the low season on the island. The initiative, which began this December, proposes discounts and bonuses based on a system of loyalty cards.

Thirty-seven businesses, including shops, restaurants and one of the island's two gas stations, have to date signed on to the campaign. One condition of adhesion is a business's opening at least eight months in one year. Establishments pledge minimum discounts of 1.5 per cent (shops) and 3 per cent (restaurants). Accumulated savings, saved on shoppers' customer loyalty cards, can be cashed in at any participating business.

The discounts accrue on an account that belongs to Formentera's coalition of small and medium sized business, contributors to the initiative. In turn, the coalition (PIMEF) is charged with administering both the associated app, Formentera365, and the loyalty cards. The Council covers all of the costs of the initiative, including its implementation and annual maintenance.

In addition, the Formentera365 app, cost free for shoppers, will allow business to propose their own offers and shoppers to consult the sum of their amassed discounts.

At the same time, an awareness-raising effort is envisaged to promote local commerce and the importance of buying local. Accompanied by PIMEF chair Pep Mayans, CiF tourism and trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer described the process as beneficial to everyone, “not only because it stands to breathe life into our streets and create business for our tradesmen, but also in that it makes for an increasingly rich panorama for Formentera residents in winter”.

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