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Eighth Formentera Jazz Festival starts today

foto 2022 FJFThis morning, Maxwell Wright, director of the Formentera Jazz Festival (FJF), and Tony Gartell and Gustavo Rojo, of the local jazz band, presented the festival that runs today through Sunday.

Alejandra Ferrer, Vice President and Councillor of Tourism, and Susana Labrador, Councillor of Culture, thanked the three for organising this festival of music and culture for tourists and residents.

The complete programme is available on the FJF website and on the attached poster.

Returning to its pre-pandemic format, the FJF programme will offer a mix of master classes, presentations and "sound connections" held online and free, nightly, in-the-flesh musical performances which are open to the general public. After tonight's opening session at Blue Bar, FJF heads to Plaça de la Constitució on Friday night and Saturday before celebrating its closing session Sunday at Chezz Gerdi.

2 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 fjf

Formentera celebrates International Yoga Day with Verónica Blume

The Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to announce that on Tuesday 21 June, model and yogi Verónica Blume will be on the island to help us celebrate International Yoga Day.

To mark the special day, the Consell de Formentera and Puro Bienestar have revived a one of a kind master class in La Savina port with Blume, an international leading light in the profession.

The United Nations has chosen this date to build awareness around the benefits of yoga, a holistic wellness discipline which engages the body in an integral, harmonious and balanced way while respecting natural cycles.

"The Way Back to You" promises to be a special, intimate and very personal exercise. There will be a consciousness-oriented master class in yoga, which organisers hope will push attendees to start, remember or resume that path that leads back to themselves.

The class is scheduled for 8.00pm, June 21, on the patio of the Fishermen's Guild [Confraria de Pescadors] in La Savina.

This event is charitable and tuned for sustainability, so proceeds will go to preserving posidonia seagrass. Registration costs €25. Space is limited and mats will be provided, but participants should bring warm clothing for the final relaxation exercise.

Click here to sign up.

1 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 ioga

Formentera hosts VYCO participants in meeting on sustainable travel

Between 6.00pm and 8.00pm on Thursday 2 June, islanders will gather at Casbah for a talk entitled “Traveling kindly”. This meeting is part of VYCO, an international conference on travel and communications set to unfold 2 and 4 June on Eivissa and Formentera and which was presented today.

On Formentera, travel journalist Paco Nadal will moderate a presentation where biologist Manu San Félix will talk about the importance in our lives of seas and oceans. This will be followed by a round-table discussion with San Félix, Nadal, naturalist and explorer Nacho Dean (the first person to walk round the world) and traveller and lover of the sea David Ruiz, who has crossed the Atlantic five times and explains it in his latest book “Irse”.

The talk and subsequent discussion are open to the public and highlight the new demands and modes of travel and the most sustainable ways to enjoy it. To attend as a member of the public, send an email to hola@vyco.es. On Saturday 4 June, the conference will continue on Eivissa:

From 10.00am to 12.30am
Travel communication

Presented and moderated by Paco Nadal

Alan x el Mundo, “The Power of Travel”

Ana Azul Mistico

Judith Tiral

Discussion table: “The future of travel communication”

Guille Rodriguez, social media director, Palladium Hotel Group

6.00pm to 8.30pm
Great adventures

Auditori Caló de s'Oli, Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Paco Nadal, “Fascination with large open spaces”

Nacho Dean, “Explorer of nature”

Albert Sans, “Vidaje, the slowest round-the-world trip in history”

David Ruiz, “Irse, the solo round-the-world sailing trip”

Organisers say the event is about bringing together agents and leaders of an essential sector of the economy and reflecting on new models of tourism, demands posed by post-pandemic times, promotion, dissemination and creating a unique experience. The Formentera Office of Tourism has collaborated with this event.

24 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

foto 2022 vyco

Es Pujols' Plaça d'Europa welcomes "50 fotografías con historia"

foto 2022 50 fotosAna Juan, President of the Consell de Formentera; Alejandra Ferrer, Vice President and Councillor of Tourism; Isabel Izquierdo, director of programming at Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), and Carlos Bernús, the local head of tourism promotion, presented "50 fotografías con historia", a display of 50 photographs from the last eighty years of our country. The exhibition is curated by José María Díaz-Maroto and Gonzalo Revidiego.

Vice President Ferrer thanked organisers for giving Formentera the chance to host an exhibition "of great historical importance" and invited residents and tourists to "visit it and get to know in an educational and artistic way a collection of snapshots from the last eight decades in our country".

Ms. Izquierdo explained that the exhibition, which is presented by the state-owned AC/E, "has met with rave reviews due to its quality and the breadth of topics shown, and because it brings together the most prominent names in Spanish photography of the twentieth century". With 50 images that tell 50 stories, "50 fotografías con historia" takes visitors on a visual journey from the Spanish Civil War to our world today. The exhibition has toured several Spanish cities.

The director of Formentera Fotogràfica asserted, "Bringing the AC/E's magnificent exhibition to the island in parallel with the tenth Formentera Fotogràfica is a point of pride. Many of the photographers who are part of this journey through the history of photography –Chema Madoz, Juan Foncuberta, Isabel Muñoz, Sandra Balsells, Juana Biarnés, Ricardo Casas, Cristina García Rodero, Alberto García-Alix, Cristina de Middel, Carlos Pérez-Siquier and Gervasio Sánchez– have also been integral to the life of the festival, so we are very excited to share this special edition with all of them again. Plus, this year we will welcome Chema Conesa and Ramon Masats, to whom we pay a well-deserved tribute on the centenary of Francesc Català-Roca".

The collective exhibition is on display in Es Pujols' Plaça d'Europa until 3 July. Seventeen of the featured photographers are also recipients of Spain's National Photography Prize. The exhibition offers visitors the chance to take a guided tour by using their mobile phones to scan the QR codes that accompany each photograph.

The exhibition is organised by AC/E, the Consell de Formentera and Formentera Fotogràfica, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary on the island between 26 and 29 May.

20 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Piano concert in Plaça de la Constitució next Thursday

On Thursday 26 May at 10.00pm, Alessandro Martire will offer a concert with his waves piano in Sant Francesc's Plaça de la Constitució.

This young Italian pianist and composer, born in 1992, will play compositions inspired by classical tradition and contemporary elements which he distils into evocative and catchy melodies and harmonies. Martire's music undefinable, so the Consell encourages residents and tourists to see him live.

Admission is free. This event is sponsored by the Formentera Office of Tourism.

20 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 piano

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