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This winter, Consell to contract 27 of island’s jobless through Reactiva programme of Balearic jobseekers’ office

cartell 2020 oferta xiiThe Formentera Entrepreneurism and Local Development Department reports that this winter local government will contract 27 unemployed islanders as part of the Reactiva programme of the Balearic Islands’ Employment Office (SOIB). The four-month programme entails plans for two separate rounds of recruitment.

The initial round of 16 contracts is expected to start in December, with the second segment of workers to begin during the month of February. Aspiring candidates should visit this link to the SOIB website between Tuesday and Thursday (1—3 December) to register and indicate interest in an offer.

In the words of Ana Juan, Formentera’s deputy premiere and entrepreneurism councillor, the initiative “aims to get unemployed islanders back to work. We hope it will be a big help for residents whose professional prospects this summer were dashed by Covid-19”. “We hope this joint SOIB-Consell initiative provides relief to Formenterencs feeling the sting of unemployment, especially the under-30s and people who have been without work for a significant period of time”.

First-round offers:
-6 administrative assistants (unemployed under-30s registered on Spain’s Youth Guarantee System [SNGJ])
-3 cleaners (long-term unemployed over-30s)
-4 information assistants and 3 brigade members (over-30s whose SOIB jobless status dates back at least three months, or furloughed workers)

Promoted by the SOIB with additional funding from the European Social Fund’s 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Youth and Regional Employment, Spain’s central government and the Sustainable Tourism Impulse Fund (ITS), the €225,810 initiative is part of an emergency programme announced last week that will see Formentera receiving investments of €470,000 between this year and next to the direct benefit of 175 individuals.

30 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera gets €470,000 to finance programmes for jobless

foto 2020 pla de xocThe Formentera Entrepreneurship Department reports that details of the Balearic Islands’ Emergency Employment Plan for 2020-2021 (Pla de Xoc per a l’Ocupació/PXO) were made public today, with planned local investment of nearly half a million euros in direct assistance to 175 islanders.

The package of emergency measures aims to offset the Covid-19 crisis with investments of €116,000 to shield people affected by the pandemic. They money will go to initiatives such SOIB’s Reactiva programme, which promotes employment opportunities for out-of-work islanders, or capacity building for furloughed and unemployed individuals.

After unveiling Formentera’s bespoke PXO rollout, Consell de Formentera deputy premiere and entrepreneurism councillor Ana Juan and head of the Balearic office for economic model and employment Llorenç Pou sat down with stakeholders from local unions and economic institutions.

Describing support for the island’s jobless as one of the Consell’s “fundamental commitments”, Councillor Juan cast inter-governmental collaboration and coordination on such initiatives as “now more important than ever”.

Eighty-seven per cent of the €470,000 package will benefit priority groups like individuals who have been directly affected by the new coronavirus, said the regional office chief. He also flagged €90,750 for long-term unemployed individuals, €117,500 for young people and €86,500 for islanders who have endured gender violence and those at risk of social exclusion.

Pou described PXO’s enactment as “imminent” and said most recruitment would occur in the coming weeks and run parallel to the introduction of various additional measures.

The 20-point plan rests on six fundamental axes

1. Public procurement
2. Business recovery
3. Employment
4. Training
5. Vocational guidance and job-matching
6. Modernisation

The plan sets aside €287,000 for public contracts, €81,000 for training, €64,250 for professional orientation and job-matching and €38,500 for employment creation.

Training at jobseekers’ centre
One modernisation strategy could include training programmes at SOIB–Formentera, said Pou. Tech training courses are also in the works and could start in January.

The director pointed out that the measures make good on the promise of the Balearic Islands Recovery Agreement (Pacte de Reactivació), an integral part of which is policy on quality equitable employment.

PXO’s €72,4 million in total investment will directly benefit more than thirty-three thousand people across the region in 2020 and 2021. An emergency injection of help for Covid-19-related joblessness, PXO marks the first step in creation of the new Quality Employment Plan (Pla d’Ocupació de Qualitat 2021-2023) by the regional ministry of economic model, tourism and labour.

26 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

16 Formentera bars and restaurants take part in ‘Sa Ruta des Pintxos’

foto 2020 Sa Ruta des PintxosThe Formentera Commerce Department reports that today came with details about ‘Sa Ruta des Pintxos’, a Pimef and Consell de Formentera initiative to inject the island's dining scene with dynamism this December.

12 noon to 2.00pm and 7.00pm to 9.00pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 3 to 9 December, a total of 16 bars and restaurants will participate by proposing pincho-and-drink combos for €3.50 or single pinchos for €1.50. A special drawing in January will be open to anyone who collects stamps from all 16 participating establishments.

Pimef, Formentera's association of small and medium-sized businesses, has come up with three prizes: €1,000 (first place); €100 dinner in participating restaurants (second place); wine selection (third place). Sa Ruta des Pintxos receives additional support from Carbónicas Tur.

Participants can vote for their favourite pincho and the winning establishment will receive a special prize, too.

Pimef's chair, Josep Mayans, said the initiative was about “encouraging islanders to spend money at local restaurants and other nearby businesses as well”, and said Covid-19 meant organisers had to rule out the option of food and drinks at this year's Christmas market, “which is why we're hoping initiatives like this one can help invigorate the sector”.

Deputy premiere Ana Juan said the Sa Ruta des Pintxos idea had come from restaurant owners, and expressed her hope it would be the first of many. “Times are tough for bars and restaurants”, she declared, “they need all the help they can get. Sa Ruta des Pintxos is a way to support our fellow islanders.”

26 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

‘Compra a Casa’ offers four special €1K prizes to get shoppers to buy local this Christmas

foto 2020 al nadal compra a casa 2Consell de Formentera deputy premiere and commerce councillor Ana Juan met today with Pimef Formentera chair Josep Mayans; local Chamber of Commerce envoy Juan Manuel Costa and Pimef director Lidia Álvarez to present an assortment of marketing campaigns lined up for the weeks ahead encouraging islanders to shop local this Christmas season.

‘This Christmas Buy Local’
New this winter is ‘Al Nadal Compra a Casa’, a Consell and Pimef initiative that will give four €1,000 prizes to local shoppers this Christmas. Special funding for the initiative was made available by the Balearic government’s 2020 ‘Cel Obert’ deal. In the words of Councillor Juan, “it’s about helping out Formentera businesses, particularly a year as tough as this one, and sweetening the deal for local shoppers while we’re at it”. She applauded the island’s retailers as well for their efforts to stay open and offer a safer shopping experience.

‘Compra a Casa’ cardholders who make purchases of at least €20 between 1 December and 6 January will be automatically entered in a drawing on 8 January. Winners will receive a voucher valid for 30 days from 11 January at participating businesses.

The Pimef chair applauded the Consell for “expanding their commitment” to Compra a Casa, calling the initiative “an efficient tool” and one that, given proper support, “will continue working very well”.

Lidia Álvarez highlighted the 32 establishments currently in Compra a Casa’s network of partner businesses and the 2,322 loyalty cards that have been issued since the initiative launched in 2016.

14th Christmas Shop-window Display Contest
Once again the island has begun gearing up for the Concurs d’Aparadorisme Nadalenc (Christmas Shop-window Display Contest), a Chamber of Commerce and Consell de Formentera initiative to foment a festive atmosphere among the local shops staying open this Christmas season. Registration ends 9 December and can be completed at the Chamber of Commerce (Avinguda 8 d’Agost, 6, Sant Francesc) or the Citizen Information Office (OAC). Winners will be announced 11 December and will receive, in addition to a commemorative plaque, €225 (first place), €150 (second place) and €75 (third place). According to Juan Manuel Costa, “Formentera businesses’ are a key part of life on the island, and this contest helps flesh out and enhance the kind of products on offer”.

Black Friday, 27 November
Another Consell-Pimef initiative that is associated with the loyalty programme is ‘Black Friday on Formentera’. All day long on 27 November, every purchase of €15 or more in participating businesses will automatically enter Compra a Casa cardholders to win a €50 gift-card. The winner will be announced Tuesday 1 December and can pick up their prize at Pimef offices.

Reusable bags
The commerce councillor also presented the newly designed reusable bags that play a key part in this year’s campaign. The bags feature the screen-printed slogans ‘Compra a casa, compra a Formentera’ (Shop local, shop on Formentera) and ‘El petit comerç ens fa grossos’ (Small business makes us big). A thousand bags will be distributed across island shops.

20 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Applications now accepted for stands at Christmas market

foto 2020 casetesThe Formentera Commerce Department reports that applications will be accepted from today from individuals who wish to participate as vendors in the 2020-21 Mercat Nadalenc (Christmas Market). The deadline for submissions —which can be sent to the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or the office’s online platform, OVAC— is 23 November.

This year’s Mercat Nadalenc will include no more than six shacks devoted to retail: five will go to trades- or craftspeople who live and work on Formentera in winter, and the sixth will be shared by local NGOs. The market runs from 3 December to 5 January 2021, inclusive, and takes place at Sant Francesc’s Plaça de la Constitució.

Vendors will be picked in a drawing among individuals who submitted their application on time and met the required conditions will be held in the presence of the municipal clerk.

The provisional bylaws underpinning the Christmas market and associated vendor application was posted to the regional employment office website today, 17 November.

17 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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