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Day Centre stays closed following new Covid case

The Formentera Department of Social Welfare reports that the island’s dependent adult day care facility will remain closed this week after a local service user tested positive for Covid-19. Per public health protocol, the six carers in close contact with the patient, whose case remains active, must stay home and isolate. Screenings administered last week to day centre beneficiaries and personnel came back negative. If no new cases emerge, the Formentera Day Centre will reopen Monday 8 March.

3 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

‘Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care’ send-off comes as island exits enhanced tier 4 protocol

cartell 2021 ara mes que mai CaIn the fourth and final video instalment of “Ara més que mai, cuidem les nostres emocions” (Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care) out today, viewers meet Bartolo, Mari, Elma and Adel. Though the pandemic has robbed this Formentera family of many things, it has given them something extremely precious: family time! Pictured below, two associated posters will be shared today on Consell de Formentera social media accounts.

Local premiere Alejandra Ferrer applauded the stars of the campaign, insisting their participation “has helped us to offer islanders messages of hope, and to look on the bright side even as Formentera was subject to the severe limitations of enhanced tier 4 public health orders”. “Everyone on the island could have starred in one of these videos, because the pandemic has affected all of us”, asserted Ferrer, who also had this to ask of islanders: “Though ‘Now more than ever’ has concluded, we need for its spirit to live on, for public health and economic crises continue, and sacrifice will be a crucial part of guaranteeing public health safety. Emotional self-care will remain every bit as important in the days ahead.”

The first ‘Now more than ever’ instalment coincided with introduction of tier 4 public health protocol on 3 February. Today, 26 February, islanders will see the campaign’s conclusion.

Juanjo Escandell became the first star of the ‘Now more than ever’ video vignettes when the Formentera native let camera crews in on his pandemic-survival secret (jogging), urging islanders to hang in there and take advantage of Formentera’s treasure trove of hidden opportunities.

Featured in the second video was Elena Lisbona, a local nurse with her own tips for trouncing Covid-19: walks on the beach, talks with loved ones and support from friends.

The third instalment in the series introduced viewers to Pep de n’Andreu, a native islander born during the Spanish Civil War who said his pandemic-survival strategy was the product of a life’s experience. Pep sees the vaccine as offering a path to normality, and, until we get there, finds solace in fieldwork!

“May all of us find that unique trick to making it through these unusual times”, offered Ferrer. “Soon these memories will only serve to remind us to appreciate the big little things”, concluded Ferrer.

The four videos and nine posters of ‘Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care’ are available here.

26 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Third instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’

cartell 2021 ara mes que mai 3aOut now, the third instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’ (Ara més que mai, cuidem les nostres emocions) features Pep de n’Andreu, a Formentera native born in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. In the video, Pep shares his longstanding secret to success (hard work) and confides that the pandemic has meant forgoing many of his most beloved activities. Pep hopes the vaccine will usher in a return to normality, and meanwhile finds solace in field work — a tradition he encourages youth to maintain.

The video and associated posters mark an effort by the Consell de Formentera to drive home an essential message: positive thinking is crucial to emotional wellness, whether it’s our own or that of those around us. With activities often limited in these times of pandemic, ‘Now more than ever’ focuses attention on those activities still available to us.

The clip can be downloaded here or viewed on the Consell de Formentera YouTube page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the two new posters.

Next week will come with the campaign’s fourth instalment. ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’ is chiefly promoted via social media and email.

17 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

3a campanya emocions INDIVIDUALS aficions

3a campanya emocions INDIVIDUALS ALIMENTACIo


15 years helping foreign-born islanders finesse cultural and social integration

cartell 2021 curs integracioThe Formentera Department of Social Welfare announces open enrolment from 18 to 26 February for the course on social and cultural integration. Classes in this round of the twice yearly course run 4-30 March. Students who complete the course successfully receive a report from the Balearic government accrediting the holder’s efforts towards integration, and classes serve to prepare individuals who take the CCSE citizenship test. Conducted over 20 hours in two weekly sessions, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30 to 7.00pm, the course will be held in Formentera’s adult learning centre.

Trumpeting the Consell’s commitment to the integration of foreign-born islanders, FDSW chief Rafael Ramírez described the course as “yet another tool to help people get there”, not to mention “a path to proper handling of administrative paperwork”.

As in October, public health imperatives mean class size will go from 15 to 12, and spaces will be awarded by order of enrolment. Individuals interested in signing up should inquire at the social welfare office by telephone (971.321.271) or email (immigració@conselldeformentera.cat).

Topics covered by course facilitator Dolores Fernández Tamargo will include Spain's constitutional values, human rights and civil liberties, the Balearic Statute of Autonomy, the European Union and gender equality, among others.

16 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Day Centre reopens Monday 15 February

The Formentera Social Welfare Department reports that the Formentera Day Centre (Centre de Dia) will resume activities Monday 15 February with enhanced tier 4 safety regulations in place.

The public health situation forced the island’s care facility for adults to shutter on 4 January. It will reopen Monday now that all attendees and staff have been vaccinated and the mandatory 10- to 15-day wait period has elapsed after second-round jabs were administered on 5 February.

In the interim, targetted care has been available by appointment. Twenty-five of 33 beneficiaries will return on Monday; the remaining eight have opted to stay home.

The full range of recommended safety measures will be observed, with islanders subject to strict checks of hand-washing, body temperature, masks and social distancing. PPE is provided at the centre.

11 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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