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Consell announces assistance for seniors and islanders with disabilities

The Formentera Office of Social Welfare is pleased to report that local seniors and people with disabilities can submit applications for assistance from today. Aid this year totals €18,000.

Among the various requirements, applicants must be Formentera residents and either at least sixty-five years old or have a recognised disability (33% or more). The money can be used to buy wheelchairs, glasses/contact lenses, dental prostheses, hearing aids, hospital beds or material for professional social and health care treatments such as physiotherapy, psychomotor therapy, speech therapy, etc.

Individual beneficiaries can receive up to a combined total of €2,900. A technical committee will oversee the reviewing of applications. Applicants must present an itemised list of expenses with original invoices and these must correspond to the period from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022.

Terms of the assistance can be found in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) and on the Consell de Formentera website. Islanders have until 22 August 2022 to drop off applications at the Formentera Office of Social Welfare, located at the Formentera Day Centre (Centre de Dia), or the Citizen's Information Office (OAC).

21 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Consell supports Formenterers Solidaris in distributing food to vulnerable people and cooperation projects

foto 2022 f solidarisToday Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera, and Sara Miguel, vice president of the NGO Formenterers Solidaris, signed a €10,000 collaboration agreement to distribute food to vulnerable islanders and implement cooperation projects for developing countries in 2022. Rafael Ramírez, councillor for social welfare, was also present at the signing.

21 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Campaign takes aim at alcohol consumption and sexual violence at Formentera celebrations

foto 2022 campanyes festesThe Consell de Formentera will set up a table to discourage gender-based violence and alcohol consumption during festive events on the island this summer. The campaign starts Saturday 16 July at Festes del Carme and continues 22, 24 and 25 July for the feast day of Sant Jaume and 4 and 5 August for the feast day of Santa Maria.

This year, the Formentera Office of Social Welfare has joined 'No Means No!' (No i Punt!), an initiative of the Consell de Mallorca and Palma City Council to take aim at sexist aggression. Meanwhile, a separate push by the Consell de Formentera to stem the consumption and sale of alcohol to underage islanders remains under way.

Ana Juan, president of the Consell and councillor of equality, encouraged local youth "to enjoy the festivities after two years of pandemic that were very challenging for young people too". However, she asserted that "the festive atmosphere can never, under any circumstances, be an excuse for sexist aggressions. That must be clear". For this reason, in the words of Rafael Ramírez, councillor of social welfare, "Formentera is raising awareness among everyone, not just youth, around the importance of prevention". "We must sensitise the public to such situations by identifying what sexist violence is and offering tools to prevent and detect it." At the information table there will will be guidelines on what to do in cases of gender-based violence.

During the nights of concerts a staff member from the Consell and a trained monitor will be on hand to explain the two campaigns. Visitors to the information table can participate in a photo call as well as take home 'No i Punt!' prevention material (T-shirts, cards and posters). From 'Don't Drown in Alcohol' (No t'ofeguis a l'alcohol) there will be backpacks, buttons, stickers and posters, as well as recommendations for individuals who serve alcohol at work, guides for parents and more.

15 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Course on tackling substance use among youth

The Formentera Office of Social Welfare is pleased to announce that Monday 18 July, sports and leisure activity leaders are invited to take part in a course with tips on talking to youth people about substance use. Alicia Bustos, a psychologist and expert in drug addiction prevention, will lead the training in the plenary hall (Sala de Plens) between 4.00pm and 6.00pm.

Participants will discuss basic concepts and effects of substances, receive thought-provoking data, and hear about dynamics and strategies for working with young people. To register, send an email to prestauratives@conselldeformentera.cat or call 971321271 before 14 July. The course is free of charge.

5 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 abordatge

Open day at new offices of social welfare department and old people's home

foto 2022 residenci AToday the Consell de Formentera held an open day where islanders could see first hand the facilities and offices at the Formentera Day Centre (Centre de Dia) that opened in February. There was also a tour of the new old people's home, which is scheduled to open this autumn. Ana Juan, Consell de Formentera president; Alejandra Ferrer, vice-president, and Rafael Ramírez, councillor of social welfare, together with almost the entire government team, also visited the space with the media.

President Juan stressed, first of all, that "it was necessary to adapt the new social welfare offices to the current needs of islanders who use them" and that the facilities constitute "a quantum leap forward for both users and staff of the Formentera Office of Social Welfare". As for the future old person's residence, Juan said this too would "mark a breakthrough in social and health care and a great improvement in care for dependent people currently on Eivissa and for their families".

Councillor Ramírez, for his part, explained that changes included rearranging the space 'to ensure better care and greater comfort for people". "Technical operations can now be handled much better too", he added, "which makes for better and more efficient service overall".

'Formentera Residence'

Councillor Ramírez insisted that the "Residència de Formentera" ('Formentera Residence') would be operational "by the time pupils are back in classrooms". He called the concept of care at the old people's home "people-centred": "It is a model that promotes functional independence so that, to the extent possible, elderly people at the residence are able to lead their own lives according to their individual beliefs, tastes, desires and interests".

The Formentera Residence has capacity for 18 beds in 14 single rooms and two double rooms. The places will be included in the Public Network for Dependency Care. Facilities consist of a reception area, dining room, living room, common bathrooms, infirmary, geriatric bathroom adapted for bedridden people and three landscaped outdoor areas.

28 June 2022
Communications Office
Council of Formentera

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