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Returning students at School of Music and Dance can re-enrol from today. New students can enrol from Monday 13 June

The Formentera Office of Education is pleased to report that current students at the Formentera School of Music and Dance [Escola de Música i Dansa, EMDF] have from 6 to 12 June to enrol for classes next year. For new students, the pre-registration period runs from 13 to 17 June. Applications can be submitted online via the Virtual Citizen Information Office [OVAC] or in person at the Citizen Information Office [OAC].

In September, new applicants will be contacted with the phone number they provided at pre-registration to finalise enrolment or, if necessary, schedule an entrance exam.

For queries, please email escolamusica@conselldeformentera.cat, visit escolamusica.conselldeformentera.cat or send a message via WhatsApp to 627 642 093.

Susana Labrador, Councillor of Education and Culture, encouraged islanders to take advantage of an offer in dance and music "that is popular among children and adults alike". Labrador pointed out that the Consell offers options in "music, dance, entertainment and recreation".

The EMDF offers the following studies:
- Regulated music studies (ages 8 and up)
Instruments: flute, guitar, piano, trumpet and clarinet.
- Non-regulated studies (ages 8 and up)
Instruments: flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba.
- Traditional music workshop (ages 4 and up)
Typical folklore instruments: drum, castanets and flute.
Four levels: Beginners' I and II, and Intermediate I and II.
- Initiation to music (ages 5 to 8)
First contact with instruments and music theory through songs and games.
- Free professional studies
Tailored studies for individuals holding accreditation in beginners' music studies from any regulated school or conservatory in Spain.

- Percussion workshop
Students are familiarised with rhythms and instruments typical of percussion.
- Polyphonic choir of Formentera
Free activity for anyone interested in music. No previous knowledge of music is required.
- Music band
Instrumental group featuring essentially wind instruments. The activity involves one hour of group training with the instrument of students' choice, one hour of targeted music theory for students with no experience reading music, and one hour of band.
- Regulated dance studies (ages 8 and up)
Four courses in beginners' dance are offered in the following subjects:
Classical dance
Spanish dance
Music applied to dance
- Non-regulated dance studies
Modern dance (all ages)
Initiation to dance (ages 3 to 7)
Flamenco workshop for adults
Ballet workshop for adults

The course offering may be modified based on demand.

6 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 emdf

Formentera directs €95.5K in aid to students and schools

The Formentera Office of Education is pleased to report that applications are now being accepted for grants and scholarships for books, compensation for double and triple insularity and higher education. Today, Friday 3 June, to 14 July, students and schools can submit applications to the Citizen Information Office [OAC] or Virtual Citizen Information Office [OVAC]. Application forms and complete information about the scholarships can be found on the Consell de Formentera website. For more information, please contact educacio@conselldeformentera.cat.

"We want to help right the inequalities and disparities between local students and those in the rest of the Balearics and Spain", explained Susana Labrador, Councillor of Education. "This is also about lending a hand to local students who pursue higher education off the island and helping the local schools and families who need it most to buy needed books and materials".

Double/triple insularity compensation for students studying off the island in 2021-2022

The €38,000 allocated to these grants is divided into:

- Aid to students who study on Eivissa or at distance learning universities (€150).
- Aid to students who study outside the Pine Islands (€500).
- Aid to students who study music or dance, elementary or professional, off the island, provided these studies are not available on Formentera (€100).

Financial aid to participate in reused textbook/educational material programmes and/or digitisation programmes in 2021-2022

The €45,000 allocated to this aid is divided into:

- Financial aid for primary and secondary schools with reused textbook/educational materials programmes and/or digitisation programmes in 2021-2022.

or €50 per primary school pupil
or €70 per secondary school pupil
- For large families and single-parent families of primary school pupils who are eligible for aid in reused textbook/educational material programmes, aid will cover 100% of costs. For large or single-parent families of secondary school pupils who are eligible for aid in digitisation programmes, aid will cover €200 of the cost of computer equipment.

Higher education grants for Formentera students in 2021-2022

Of €12,500 in total aid, ten scholarships will be awarded in the amount of €1,250.

Studies must lead to an official degree that is valid throughout Spain. Higher education grants will be awarded for in-person studies at recognised schools which deliver an official degree with academic or professional validity.

3 June 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 beques ajuts

Affective-sexual training for years 5 and 6 and their families

From 6 to 8 June, the Formentera Office of Social Welfare will offer a course in affective-sexual training for pupils in primary years five and six and their families. Participants will learn the basics of maintaining respectful and healthy relationships –not only with others, but with themselves as well– and review the hormonal, emotional and physical changes typical of adolescence.

On the same days as the in-school workshops, another training course will offer parents resources to support and guide their teenage children and to address affective-sexual issues. Parents of pupils in years five and six at CEIP Sant Ferran are asked to attend on 6 June; parents in La Mola, on 7 June, and parents at CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu, on 8 June. Workshops begin at 5.00pm and are held at each respective school.

The training will be led by Teresa Ramos, a social educator and sexologist who facilitates trainings in schools in the Balearic Islands.

31 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Diplomas delivered to students of UOM Formentera

foto 2022 diplomes UOMOn Friday, Ana Juan, President of the Consell and Councillor for the Elderly, presented diplomas to individuals who attended lectures this year at Formentera's Open University for the Elderly [Universitat Oberta per Majors, UOM]. Also present at the ceremony were Dr. Antoni Gamundí, director of the UOM, and a representative of Caixabank, which sponsored the initiative.

Fifty-six diplomas were awarded to attendees of the lecture series. In addition, four participants who took part in 80% of lectures received gifts: a limited edition illustrated print.

Since February 2022, seven talks have been held with an average of twenty attendees each. President Juan praised islanders' participation and underscored the quality of the UOM lectures.

23 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

UOM lecture series closes this Friday with talk from Joan Albert Ribas on local surnames

This Friday, the 2022 edition of Formentera's series in lifelong learning closes with a lecture from linguist Joan Albert Ribas titled 'Surnames of Formentera: History and linguistic curiosities'. The talk will be held at 5.00pm in the seniors' social centre in Sant Ferran. Organised by the Formentera Office of the Elderly and the Open University for Older Adults [Universitat Oberta per Majors, UOM], the series of seven lectures began on February 7 and is open to people over 50.

11 May 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022v UOM

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