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Formentera celebra l’acte institucional de la Diada al Far de la Mola

foto 2021 premis sant jaume CAhir a les 20.00 h es va celebrar al pati del Far de la Mola l’acte institucional de lliurament de les distincions honorífiques de l’illa, amb motiu de la celebració de Sant Jaume, Diada de Formentera. A l’acte es varen entregar la Medalla d’Or de Formentera i els premis Sant Jaume així com un títol de filla adoptiva.

Filla adoptiva
Es va atorgar la distinció en la categoria de Filla adoptiva a títol pòstum a Remedios Castillo Cañas (Granada, 1940 - Formentera, 2021). En reconeixement a la seva tasca com a ceramista i, sobretot, a la seva apassionada trajectòria com a divulgadora d’aquesta disciplina durant més trenta anys a l’illa, tot contribuint a desenvolupar la imaginació i creativitat de tants formenterers i formentereres, així com pel seu compromís de promoure la convivència i participació ciutadana de l’illa, i en defensa de la igualtat.

Els tres premis Sant Jaume han recaigut sobre:
Associació Reis Mags de Formentera
En reconeixement a l’impuls i compromís social en l’organització de la cavalcada dels Reis Mags i la celebració de la Mitjana Festa de Nadal, així com altres activitats solidàries, culturals i festes populars, com a expressió de la identitat local i mostra de la cultura popular de Formentera.

Fonda Pepe
En reconeixement a una trajectòria empresarial iniciada als anys cinquanta, i que continua a dia d’avui, com a establiment emblemàtic de Formentera, esdevenint punt de trobada indiscutible, ja des de la seva fundació, de la multiculturitat incessant de l’illa, i a la qual continua conferint identitat i singularitat.

Teixits J. Marí Serra
En reconeixement a la seva llarga trajectòria empresarial, originada a mitjans del segle passat, com a comerç familiar dedicat a la venda de teles i productes tèxtils, i que s’ha convertit en un dels establiments emblemàtics i de referència de Formentera.

La Medalla d’Or de Formentera es va atorgar al Col·lectiu professional de la informació de Formentera. Per la seva tasca d’aproximar la notícia i la realitat local a la ciutadania de Formentera i, per tant, garantir un dels drets humans cabdals, el de la informació, pilar indiscutible dels pensaments més lliures i independents. Aquesta distinció cobra especial rellevància després de tota la feina que estan fent els periodistes i informadors de Formentera durant la pandèmia.

La presidenta va felicitar, en nom propi i de tot l’equip de Govern, a tots els premiats i va oferir un discurs en què va destacar la trajectòria de tots els guardonats que han dut endavant una feina essencial a Formentera “conformant el nostre teixit particular que ens protegeix i al que alhora hem de protegir perquè la nostra illa mantengui la seva singularitat i identitat”.

A l’acte també varen assistir el president del Parlament, Vicenç Thomàs, el vicepresident i el conseller del Govern balear, Juan Pedro Yllanes i Josep Marí Ribas, així com la diputada Sílvia Tur, i els consellers i conselleres de la institució insular formenterera, entre d’altres autoritats.

L’acte es va tancar amb l’actuació musical de Júlia Benevelli (a la veu) i Sergi Navarro (al piano) que varen interpretar quatre peces “Mad World”, “Breathe”, “When I was your man”, “Hallelujah”. La gala es va retransmetre a través del canal de YouTube del Consell de Formentera i de la TEF. El podeu veure aquí.

Dia de Sant Jaume
Avui 25 de juliol, festivitat de Sant Jaume, a les 20.00 h se celebra la tradicional missa a l’Església de Sant Francesc Xavier i a les 21.00 h tendrà lloc el ball pagès a la plaça de la Constitució de Sant Francesc.

A les 22.00 h al pati de sa Senieta Clara Peya quintet oferirà un concert únic. Pianista i compositora, Clara Peya és considerada una de les creadores més originals i úniques que han aparegut en els darrers temps en l’escena musical del país. Una biografia frenètica que transita entre la música, el teatre i l’activisme. Les entrades per aquest concert amb aforament limitat han estat exhaurides.

25 de juliol 2021
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

In 24 hours, police write 12 citations for itinerant vending

The Formentera Department of Interior reports that island law enforcement launched a special operation yesterday in a bid to tackle illegal vending on several beaches near Ses Salines Nature Reserve. With help from four plain-clothes and three uniformed officers, the drone-assisted effort resulted in 12 citations for the illicit sale of fruit, drinks and clothing.

The team sought to penetrate an organisational scheme wherein vendors alert one another and hide when patrolling officers are spotted entering the reserve.

Forty-one citations have been written this summer for unlawful itinerant vending in Ses Salines, Migjorn and Cala Saona. Besides constituting a source of unfair competition for hometown businesses, street vendors aren’t submitted to health and safety controls — an added risk factor particularly amid rising cases of Covid-19.

21 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Local league of information professionals gets Formentera’s gold medal

foto 2021 distincionsAAs Formentera gears up for its local holiday, or diada, decision-makers gathered today for a one-off plenary session to vet proposed candidates for the island’s honorary distinctions, the Sant Jaume Awards, in 2021.

Assembly members unanimously backed giving the Medalla d’Or (Gold Medal) to the island’s information professionals. As President Alejandra Ferrer put it, “by delivering news and insight about local goings-on to islanders, [these individuals] guarantee one of the most basic human rights, the right to information – an indisputable pillar of the freest and most independent thinking”. The poignance of the award is underscored by the pandemic-era efforts of news outlet staff on the island.

The three Sant Jaume awards will go to:

Three Kings of Formentera
In recognition of the momentum and social commitment surrounding Three Kings cavalcades, the Yuletide Mitjana Festa, charity activities and cultural and popular festivals as expressions of local identity and popular culture on Formentera.

Fonda Pepe
An iconic local establishment whose history extends from the fifties to present day, Fonda Pepe has been the undisputed fulcrum of Formentera’s unflagging multiculturalism since opening and remains key source of identity and uniqueness today.

Teixits J. Marí Serra
Since the mid-20th century, when Teixits J. Marí Serra opened as a family business trading in fabrics and textiles, they have become one of Formentera’s flagship establishments.

Adoptive daughter
Assembly members also agreed to name Remedios Castillo Cañas (Granada, 1940 - Formentera, 2021) the island’s adoptive daughter. Beyond Castillo’s work in ceramics, the award highlights her passioned, thirty-plus-year career as exponent of the discipline. Castillo shaped the imagination and creativity of so many Formentera residents, and maintained a deep commitment to peaceful coexistence, participation and equality.

President Ferrer congratulated honorees on behalf of the local cabinet and invited them to an 8.00pm awards ceremony on Saturday 24 July in the courtyard of the La Mola lighthouse. Attendees should arrive 30 minutes early to ensure orderly seating. The event will be aired on the YouTube channel of the Consell de Formentera and TEF.

15 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

84 tickets issued as formentera.eco’s count-and-cap scheme concludes week-two

foto 2021 f.eco la savinaThe Formentera Department of Mobility reports that in the two weeks since regulation began on 24 June, law enforcement and detection equipment in La Savina have recommended 84 citations.

Eighty-three traditional rental cars and one private vehicle rented online were observed in circulation or parked without the required authorisation.

On some occasions, multiple citations were issued for a single vehicle. Motorists who operate or park a vehicle without the necessary permit face penalties of between €1,001 and €10,000.

In other cases, fines of as much as €1,000 were recommended because the car hire company failed to affix their decal to the vehicle.

The architects of the plan hope to see 8% fewer cars on the road in summer 2021 than two years prior, and Rafael González insisted that an array of checks, including patrols by law enforcement and licence plate readings in La Savina, were being put in place to get there.

The Consell will publish proposed fines weekly on www.formentera.eco and at this link.

Number plates of vehicles that are brought or driven on the island this summer must be registered on www.formentera.eco.

9 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera presses energy firms to share surpluses with local grid

foto 2021 ple junyMembers of local government gathered today for their June full-house assembly, a session which secured unanimous approval for an initiative urging energy supply companies on the island to ensure new and existing private facilities can divert surplus production across the network in compliance with current legislation. “Energy must be democratised”, insisted environment chief Antonio J Sanz, pointing to challenges faced by both existing and newly commissioned facilities as they try to alleviate strain on es Ca Marí plant by feeding their surplus energy into the grid”. Sanz also highlighted the measure’s snug fit with three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including affordable and non-polluting energy, responsible production and consumption and climate action.

Likewise, cross-party support meant definitive approval for an ordinance regulating the cost of local government’s involvement at, access to and exercise of activities within the power plant, as well as for temporary permits. Planning chief Rafael González said fees for new activities would be subject to a 50% reduction till year end, with the fee for title changes and simple modifications dropping 83.3%, from €1,200 to €200.

Another measure that won cross-party backing was the draft of a plan to rethink spaces and uses of buildings where the Consell provides public services. Governance chief Rafael Ramírez tied the Formentera government’s purchase and retrofitting of buildings where services are provided “to local needs and demands” and said the local administration was “clearly facing a facilities shortage”. The upshot, said Ramírez, is that “now more than ever, we need to look at how public buildings and spaces are used and adapted and outline strategies to optimise how this is done”.

Assembly members also came together to back the appointment of Lina Mayans Tur, Andreu Ferrer Juan and Javier González Granado to the island’s ethics and good governance commission. According to Ramírez, who also heads up the transparency department, “the aim of this code of ethics is twofold; first, to chart our course on a policy of integrity, and second, to set our guiding principles and standards of conduct for good governance”.

Finally, plenary participants unanimously adopted two official declarations. The first of these was related to World Refugee Day and presented by Rafael Ramírez, who additionally directs the social welfare office. After giving an overview of global migratory crises since the twentieth century, Ramírez insisted, “Our current situation demands a greater and more determined commitment to the defence of human rights, the right to asylum and the protection of refugees”. Assembly members agreed “to show solidarity with all refugees and denounce the systematic violation of their rights”, and to urge international institutions “to provide urgent, effective and permanent responses to the current migratory challenge”.

In a measure that was tabled by equality chief Vanessa Parellada, assembly members approved a statement to mark World LGTBI Pride Day. “Forty years have gone by since delcaration of men and women’s right to sexual self-determination”, said Parellada, “and discrimination and hate speech against LGTBI people and increasingly common fear-motived hate crimes represent a serious threat to respect for fundamental rights in the EU”. Decision-makers “strongly condemned any discrimination”, voiced “particular concern at the upsurge in hate speech” and urged “institutions and civil society to intensify efforts to disseminate best practices and build cooperation in this fight”.

25 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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