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Formentera seeks membership in world heritage consortium

foto ple agost 2018 1When members of the Formentera Council congregated today for their monthly plenary assembly, they voted unanimously to weigh in on the Eivissa Council's July modification of the official status of an Eivissa consortium that deals with internationally recognised heritage sites on the island.

The bid to secure a place for the Formentera Council on the consortium (known officially as Consorci Eivissa Patrimoni de la Humanitat) is linked to the fact that one site the group hopes to protect, meadows of posidonia seagrass, is located largely in Formentera's waters. According to president's office secretary Bartomeu Escandell, “the Consorci will be more effective if it comprises representatives of all the agencies administering the sites in need of protection”.

Other measures
Assembly members were also united in backing a measure by the senior cabinet secretaries, representatives of Gent per Formentera, concerning the effort to map archaeological sites of interest in local waters.

The Partido Popular scored cross-party support for a proposal to put formalities relating to the island's register of inhabitants, or padró, on the administration's online portal (the OVAC).

The PSOE won unanimous backing for a proposal to do away with wage reductions that currently take effect during the first twenty days of a public servant's temporary leave. The measure means that employees of the local administration will receive full wages from the start of leave.

Compromís, in turn, mustered cross-party support for a proposal to upgrade signage at sa Senieta car park in Sant Francesc.

New offices for opposition groups
Formentera Council chair Jaume Ferrer announced that opposition groups would soon be able to move into new party facilities. The three offices, one for each group, are located on carrer Pla del Rei in Sant Francesc.

According to the administration chief, the offices are ready for their new occupants and will be visited by Partido Popular, PSOE and Compromís representatives ahead of a forthcoming move date.

With winter ahead, Formentera tees up services and announces four employment opportunities

The Formentera Council announces four job postings, one of which, for an administrative assistant, is a roll-over from an earlier initiative to create a pool of potential reserve staff. In the works since June, that effort turned up seven pre-approved candidates.

The terms and conditions of the latest call for applicants are available for review on the bulletin board of the Council's website. They will remain posted on the Balearic Islands' official gazette till the end of next week, in line with the ten-day deadline for applicants.

Hiring specialist

The second listing is for a hiring professional, with either extended administrative training or in possession of a university degree, to cover the Council's permanent employee during roughly eight months. The terms of that offer are available on the website of the regional job service, SOIB, until September 6, which is the deadline for applications.

Agricultural specialist

The third offer—for an individual trained in agriculture, with farming-specific higher technical training or studies in engineering—will help fill the approximately one-year opening of a staff member on leave. The terms of that offer are likewise available through September 6 on the SOIB website.

Sports monitor

Lastly, the Council announces two positions for sports monitors to guide classes in the swimming pool and fitness centre. The offer will be listed on SOIB's website until the application deadline, August 29. 

Forest-fire prevention push on Formentera

foto stand-placa-constitucioThe Formentera Council's department of the interior is unveiling details of the firefighting brigade's collaboration in a campaign by the Balearic ministry of environment to advance forest-fire prevention and safety measures.

The outreach push isn't just about putting a stop to wildfires; it's about driving home the message that doing so is up to everyone—from government agencies to the island at large— and that with some simple attitude hacks, such blazes and their disastrous effects can be stamped out.

Formentera firefighters and special agents of the regional forest service, Ibanat, are completing a series of actions to engage islanders in the task of wildfire prevention.

Prevention campaign

Workers will hand out informational material to homeowners residing near forested tracts or in areas of the island facing increased risk of fire. The literature serves as a reminder that owners of wildfire-prone land are expected to conduct a series of preventive actions to minimise the effects of blazes.

While islanders living in homes or residential neighbhourhoods adjacent to forests are the focus of the campaign, tourists on holiday in such areas are also targets of outreach, and educational material is being distributed in a number of languages.

Information and tips about the campaign have been printed on paper tablecloths —distributed to island bars and restaurants— help ensure islanders know how they can to do their part. A stand is also being staffed opposite the Formentera Council where residents and tourists can hear about the campaign and learn about the important measures.

Paper tablecloths with information and tips about the campaign have been distributed to bars and restaurants across the island in an effort to educate people about how they can do their part. A stand is also being staffed opposite the Formentera Council where residents and tourists can hear about the campaign and get up to speed on some of the associated measures.

Formentera gets €66k for local police

foto localitzacio amb-dronThe Formentera Council has received €66,690.36 this year from the Balearic Fons de Seguretat Pública, or “Public Safety Fund”. The money will be directed to staff needs as well as materials for safety.

Public Safety Fund
The point of the fund, apart from helping law enforcement maximise their ability to offer stable and adaptable services, is to bolster coordination between local agencies and promote measures that optimise quality services.

Municipalities must use the assistance to guarantee services are adequate—seventy per cent will be devoted to human resources and the remaining thirty per cent to safety-enhancing materials.

Money from the Public Safety Fund is meant to give distinct branches of municipal and regional administrations the tools to offer efficient law enforcement services and improve public safety in the municipalities of the Balearics.

Competitive exams to fill six police posts
From Wednesday August 22 to Friday August 24, competitive exams will determine candidates for six new posts on Formentera's local police force. The tests will cover general knowledge, familiarity with the territory and regulations at the municipal and island levels, as well as candidates' psychological aptitude and personality traits that may or may not make them fit to serve. The would-be officers' practical and physical qualities will also be tested.

Drone raids and operations in es Cap de Barbaria
Local law enforcement have continued conducting patrols with the help of drones. One operation last week in ses Illetes resulted in the identification of two ambulant vendors and the confiscation of various for-sale items.

The purpose of the drone raids is two-fold: catching perpetrators in the act, and identifying locations used to hide illicit materials, immensely useful for forward operations.

Patrols at the weekend targetted es Cap, another hotspot for itinerant vending.

Formentera hopes to tap sustainable tourism levy for nautical sports centre build and bid to regulate moorage at Estany des Peix

foto estany des peixCounci officials have unveiled two projects they intend to fund with the island's yearly plan to promote sustainable tourism in 2018. The projects —construction of the island's nautical sports center (CEN for its initials in Catalan) and regulation of Estany des Peix— will cost a combined €1.4 million.

Estany des Peix
The plan to install pontoons and low-impact moorage points is guided by a logic of restoring the lake's natural environmental conditions by encouraging orderly, regulated mooring of boats. The bipartisan proposal is aimed at meeting a demand for the service which typically spikes in summer. Regulated moorage has been identified as vital to ongoing use of traditional small drydocks and preservation of natural surroundings.

Given the project's alignment with the key priorities of “Landscapes, conservation and education about environmental-interest sites”set out in the island's annual sustainable tourism strategy for 2018, Council officials are asking to use money from the sustainable tourism tax to finance the €652,156 investment (VAT included).

Nautical Sports Centre
The Nautical Sports Centre build and relocation of the island's municipal sailing school are aimed at tempering the summer-heavy focus of tourism and, at the same time, bolster the amount of “active nautical tourism” available in the low season. Plans are also in place to leverage the public space for educational initiatives concerning the environment inland and at sea.

The project squares with the sustainable tourism strategy's objective of “Acqusition, protection, preservation, modernisation and recuperation of natural, rural and marine environments”, which is why Council officials hope to tap funds from the sustainable tourism levy to pay the €764,433 price tag (VAT included).

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